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Lrc - 2021-05-29T105937.851 by Bill - 2021-05-29T105937.851 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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100386 - - 2021-05-29T105937.851 by Bill [01:05.25] 12 hours ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.39]Todd: OK, Jamon, we're going to talk about abilities.
[00:02.64]Jamon: OK
[00:03.39]Todd: Can you cook?
[00:04.39]Jamon: I can cook a little bit. I like cooking.
[00:08.89]Todd: What do you like to make when you cook?
[00:10.64]Jamon: Just simple things. I love salad. I make a huge salad.
[00:16.14]Todd: I love salad. OK, can you sing?
[00:19.14]Jamon: No, I can't sing. I just sing for me. On the...when I have a shower.
[00:27.64]Todd: Oh, really, you sing in the shower? Nice, what, what songs do you sing? Like pop songs or just...?
[00:38.15]Jamon: No, mainly reggae. I love reggae.
[00:39.65]Todd: Wow! Can you play any musical instruments?
[00:40.39]Jamon: Dijuridu!
[00:40.89]Todd: Oh, really.
[00:42.64]Jamon: It's an Australian instrument.
[00:45.40]Todd: Yeah, yeah. Where did you learn that?
[00:46.89]Jamon: I learned in Switzerland.
[00:48.89]Todd: Really. OK. Is it popular in switzerland?
[00:53.89]Jamon: Yeah, it's popular. Everybody knows about it.
[00:56.14]Todd: Wow. How long have you played?
[00:58.14]Jamon: A couple of years maybe. Maybe 4 years.