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Lrc - 2021-06-05T130623.611 by Bill - 2021-06-05T130623.611 - Bill LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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101358 - - 2021-06-05T130623.611 by Bill [01:35.09] 2 weeks ago
by Guest
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[au:Bill Tu]
[00:00.39]Todd: OK, Chris, Friday the 13th is coming up. So, first of all, are you superstitious?
[00:05.89]Chris: Yes. When I play sports I'm superstitious. I have a lucky shirt and stuff like that.
[00:11.64]Todd: Oh, really!
[00:12.14]Chris: Yeah.
[00:12.64]Todd: So what's your lucky shirt?
[00:13.89]Chris: It's a bungy jumping shirt that I got about 10 years ago. It's all falling apart but it's still my lucky shirt.
[00:22.89]Todd: OK, So you don't wash it or anything?
[00:24.39]Chris: If I have a good game I don't wash it until I have a bad game and then I wash the badness out.
[00:30.14]Todd: OK. What sport are we talking about?
[00:35.39]Chris: I play ice hockey.
[00:36.39]Todd: Oh, really.
[00:37.14]Chris: Yeah.
[00:38.39]Todd: Oh, so your a hockey player! Your a pretty solid guy.
[00:47.64]Chris: Yeah, I'm a goalie. Being a goalie it's a lot to being comfortable in the position, so if you have a good game you don't touch anything. You do the same routine. Goalies are known to be a little strange.
[00:56.39]Todd: Wow. So that's cool. Are you still playing in Japan?
[01:01.39]Chris: I've played a few times but it's just too much trouble to drag my equipment on three trains and a taxi and about a 800-meter walk. It's just not worth it right now. If I had a car I'd try for sure.
[01:18.64]Todd: Oh, that's too bad. Alright, well, good luck right now is your shirt dirty of clean? Your unlucky shirt?
[01:27.89]Chris: It's just been washed. Yeah, it needed a good washing this time.