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172662 - [02:46.25] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:00.40]Are you a movie­goer? If, like me, you’re a fan of film, then there’s no better place to watch something than on the big screen at the cinema.
[00:11.56]You enter the dark auditorium and take your seat, ready to be entertained.
[00:18.46]But while you engross yourself in some movie magic, many others are now getting their film fix at home.
[00:26.43]Over the last few years, cinemas have seen a resurgence.
[00:31.74]Customers have been enticed by comfortable seats, and lots of choice of things to watch.
[00:40.24]Multiplexes in particular can screen up to twenty films at the same time, catering for all different tastes.
[00:49.81]In addition, 3D and even 4D movies can give the audience an extra immersive experience. So, what’s not to like about a trip to the cinema?
[01:03.09]One answer to that question is convenience.
[01:06.81]Rather than going out, it’s so much easier to stay in and watch a romcom or action movie on a high-definition TV screen via a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.
[01:21.41]There’s plenty of choice, and it’s relatively cheap as well.
[01:26.19] But, personally, I find there are too many distractions, and watching at home is not such an event.
[01:33.90]I miss the trailers too!
[01:37.09]But the coronavirus pandemic has put the future of cinemas under the spotlight.
[01:42.40]Some have had to close because of reduced ticket sales.
[01:46.65]And in the UK, it’s brought about a surge in TV watching and online streaming, according to media watchdog, Ofcom.
[01:55.68]It also found that half of UK adults will keep and continue using their new streaming subscriptions.
[02:03.65]This isn’t great news for cinemas.
[02:06.57]They rely on the release of a big blockbuster to bring the crowds back, but the launch of new films, such as James Bond: No Time To Die, are being delayed.
[02:18.79]And Disney has released its $200m blockbuster, Mulan, online instead of in movie theatres.
[02:27.02]But John Fithian, from the National Association of Theatre Owners, told Variety magazine: “This idea of waiting out the pandemic to make your movies more profitable doesn’t make sense to me.
[02:41.63] There won’t be as much of an industry left to play your movies in if you do that.”