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173880 - [02:18.31] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:00.40]While giant sharks are more common sea monsters in films, jellyfish also pose a major threat in real life – with some able to kill people with their stings.
[00:11.82]And the potential danger they cause doesn’t stop there, with reports of them attacking salmon farms, shutting down power stations and incapacitating warships.
[00:23.51]There are even some scientists in Australia researching whether box jellyfish could ultimately destroy our oceans – so could devouring them be a possible solution?
[00:35.19]The huge number of jellyfish in our oceans means that if we did start eating them, there is already a large supply of these potential morsels to be dined on.
[00:45.02]Also, some people argue that due to their reproductive cycle, jellyfish are actually a sustainable food source.
[00:51.93]Removing a jellyfish from the ocean doesn’t stop new ones being born. This is because they are spawned from polyps on the seabed.
[01:00.16] In some ways, you can compare them to apples.
[01:04.68]When you take an apple from a tree, the tree still goes on to produce more apples.
[01:09.19]What about their nutritional value? Jellyfish contain 36 calories per ounce, which puts it on a par with iceberg lettuce.
[01:17.96]However, unlike lettuce, it is full of protein, making it potentially a great diet food.
[01:26.19]And indeed, in many parts of the world, particularly in Asia, they are already consumed, often raw, fried or chopped up as part of a salad.
[01:36.02]The demand for these animals, combined with their numbers, means that selling jellyfish is becoming an ever more lucrative business.
[01:44.52]But what do they taste like?
[01:46.91]While some say they are flavourless, others describe them as having a salty taste.
[01:51.69] This could be due to their absorbent nature, which also leads them to being often served in a sauce.
[01:58.07]As for the texture, some people negatively compare the experience to eating gristle.
[02:04.44]So, the next time you fancy chowing down on some fish, you might look at jellyfish as a sustainable alternative.
[02:12.41] They might not be the tastiest thing you’ve ever eaten, but it beats fleeing the sea to avoid being stung.