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Lrc flower 「いまじなりぃ • えんど」MVルワン - 「Imaginary End」 by Loin

flower 「いまじなりぃ • えんど」MVルワン - 「Imaginary End」 - Loin LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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61083 - flower 「いまじなりぃ • えんど」MVルワン - 「Imaginary End」 by Loin [03:52.41] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:flower 「いまじなりぃ • えんど」MVルワン - 「Imaginary End」]
[00:12.98]I'm waiting for the "End"
[00:17.67]The end credits, the list of names
[00:23.49]that make me go come tipsy.
[00:27.89]"This movie was b..."
[00:33.83]In a moment, from above my head
[00:38.39]the lights are flooding the place.
[00:44.33]I faintly remember one thing,
[00:50.15]a boy who wore black clothes...
[00:52.15]The one who shut a girl's eyes.
[00:57.31]Under an unfamiliar lighting, "I" raised my hand,
[01:07.73]covered it with bandages, while laying down.
[01:12.98]The other hand opens a door.
[01:18.21]A poster lands within "my" sight.
[01:22.76]"There's a life you can save".
[01:27.88]"Haha. Yeah, but, there's no one
[01:33.18]to be a witness... Is there...?"
[01:38.92]"Someone, I need someone over here!" The boy in black shouts, and the people around,
[01:49.53]they just pass by, not paying attention at all.
[01:54.75]This girl, laying in solitude...
[01:57.29]She indeed already shut her eyes.
[02:23.41]Coming from earphones
[02:25.94]is a merciless music.
[02:28.60]Displayed on the phone
[02:31.19]is a reprint of a painting.
[02:33.82]A misplaced anger broads
[02:36.39]an impossible bottle,
[02:37.75]what will its next destination be...
[02:39.24]Meeting up, we're singing
[02:40.73]a choir.
[02:41.82]"Today's another peaceful day, isn't it."
[03:05.08]In the outer space, a swarm of meters
[03:09.65]cleaving the clouds in the sky with a smile.
[03:15.51]One the girl waves her hand, in tears,
[03:20.04]let's move forward and leave the past behind.
[03:23.40]The time during which the world collapses.