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Lrc iWrite, iPreach by Kobby Major

iWrite, iPreach - Kobby Major LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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42151 - iWrite, iPreach by Kobby Major [03:02.28] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Kobby Major]
[al:True School]
[ti:iWrite, iPreach]
[au:Kobby Major]
[by:Kobby Major]
[00:01.40]Intro(Voice of Amblakk)
[00:06.89]My people,
[00:09.64]when are going to see the benefits
[00:13.89]of being united.
[00:16.14]Each one teach one,
[00:16.90] nnka h3n y3 bom be the plan
[00:18.14]he breach one I preach one
[00:20.89]nka bom hia one leg no run
[00:22.39]Its a cycle baby
[00:23.64]We live once, death makes it crazy
[00:25.40]Nipa treat nipa d33 aboa bi
[00:27.14]and the fuck is because,he's from a different country
[00:29.39]or a different tribe
[00:30.40]different region, this not right
[00:31.90]if what is left is negative, I shift to the right
[00:33.39]I can't be free till Africa unite
[00:35.15]the state of mind of a dead prez brought us light
[00:37.14]Consciencism sense of life
[00:39.64]can i be discribed without my body?
[00:41.14]ride or die without being bloody?
[00:43.40]in suit and tie on a road thats muddy?
[00:46.89]Y'abr3 hon dede no na nsem kika
[01:06.89]w) vibe vibe h3n a )nnfa
[01:09.64]h)n lata bebirebe yi )nnsa?! )nnsa?! 2X
[01:17.39](Voice of Amblakk)
[01:18.15]p3s3 me nko me nya be everybody en agenda
[01:19.64]pull him down attitude be all we dey figure
[01:23.14]why say we no dey fit come together and
[01:28.89]try achieve the very things wey e go fit develop we all
[01:30.64]Action without thoughts is blind
[01:32.40]thoughts without action is empty
[01:33.39]Philosophy the driver of life
[01:34.64]follow your principles na y3 study
[01:36.39]You have a straight up link with God
[01:40.14]don't be decieved by the clegy
[01:42.14]some time to come ma )b3sisi no dema belle full no go fit carry
[01:44.39]African ghetto youth unite
[01:47.89]face the military win the fight tonight
[01:49.89]On top of the heirrachy is a dynamite
[01:51.65]to blow the all seeing eye so they loose their sight
[01:53.65]oy3 true together y3 y3 impediment force
[01:55.64]Nyame dzi kan, our intelligence source
[01:57.39]k3si wo kan, )so sin Rikross
[01:59.39]but if we dont do wat we gotta do di a y'ab) loss
[02:01.40]Ma meri kyer3 yi no be party asem
[02:03.14]Asoahyiw y3 y3 d3n da ntem
[02:05.39]CIA tsi a )b3 br3h3n asem
[02:07.14]mma CNN fo apeim d33 obi nyaa )nkyim
[02:08.90]On the real, wonso nyaa 3b3kyim
[02:11.14]I'm pushing damn harder than pimfo a )rekyim
[02:13.39]I'm doing this to fix the system
[02:16.14]before they take my life kai hu d33 3b3fi'm
[02:18.39]Y'abr3 hon dede no na nsem kika
[02:22.39]w) vibe vibe h3n a )nnfa
[02:25.89]h)n lata bebirebe yi )nnsa?! )nnsa?! 2X