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Lrc i_ve_been_busy_doddleoddle_audio_mp3_75362

i_ve_been_busy_doddleoddle_audio_mp3_75362 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11171 - i_ve_been_busy_doddleoddle_audio_mp3_75362 [01:55.86] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.62]Hey, where've you been?
[00:03.63]It's been one empty month on
[00:05.90]Your youtube page
[00:07.88]You say that you're busy
[00:11.12]I clearly don't follow your twitter
[00:13.12]So how do you fill your days?
[00:15.36]Well, for most of May
[00:18.40]I went up the east coast of the USA
[00:22.12]In a messy tour van
[00:25.63]With the best people in the world
[00:28.13]playing shows every day
[00:33.40]Then, I came back
[00:36.38]Had two days to readjust
[00:38.12]Then meetings shoots and prepping stuff
[00:39.89]Because I went to Comicon
[00:42.61]A weekend of hugs and hi's
[00:44.62]Thank you all for being so nice
[00:46.88]One day off, then four mad shows
[00:51.13]And up at 5 AM
[00:52.87]For a shoot in Brighton
[00:55.87]Forgot that I had a flight
[00:57.38]Frantically packed that night
[01:02.66]Brunch with a company
[01:03.87]A premiere in Germany
[01:05.64]Three meetings in a day
[01:07.13]Prepping for the USA
[01:08.62]I can sleep for twelve hours
[01:10.13]But sometimes I get three
[01:11.63]Trying to do my taxes
[01:13.13]And sell merch in my dreams
[01:15.13]My flat isn't clean
[01:16.62]Friends shout where have you been
[01:18.37]To do lists for days
[01:19.88]My loft bed's about to break
[01:21.62]Invoice this
[01:22.37]Email that
[01:23.13]Call your accountant
[01:23.86]Promote this app
[01:24.63]Keep receipts
[01:25.38]Please call up your dentist when they aren't shut
[01:27.88]Hey Dodie when are u free?!
[01:29.62]Try me in 2019
[01:31.13]I'm busy I'm busy I'm so busy