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Lrc imagine

imagine LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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60350 - imagine [03:03.04] 10 months ago
by Guest
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[00:06.48]Imagine there's no heaven,
[00:19.36]It's easy if you try,
[00:26.29]No hell below us,
[00:32.88]Above us only sky,
[00:39.32]Imagine all the people
[00:45.37]living for today...
[00:53.26]Imagine there's no countries,
[00:58.10]It isnt hard to do,
[01:04.58]Nothing to kill or die for,
[01:10.95]No religion too,
[01:17.11]Imagine all the people
[01:23.06]living life in peace...
[01:55.22]Imagine no possesions,
[02:02.04]I wonder if you can,
[02:07.94]No need for greed or hunger,
[02:14.35]A brotherhood of man,
[02:20.25]Imagine all the people
[02:26.50]Sharing all the world...
[02:33.04]You may say Im a dreamer,
[02:39.57]but Im not the only one,
[02:45.75]I hope some day you'll join us,
[02:51.66]And the world will live as one.