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Lrc real person by caleborate

real person - caleborate LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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43428 - real person by caleborate [05:59.02] 1 year ago
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[ti:real person]
[00:19.34]Kicked off my shoes
[00:21.89]And ran a mile through my mind
[00:23.88]A Couple laps around the track of thought I lose all the time
[00:26.24]My sight is doing fine
[00:27.65]Cause All isee is dollar signs
[00:29.06]And famous people
[00:30.16]So I know pretty soon the whole world will be
[00:32.64]I'm caught in demonstrations
[00:33.71]Where women be contemplating dating me
[00:34.89]And the relization that somebody is always hating
[00:37.73]That really gets me thinking
[00:39.17]So out this bottle I'll start drinking
[00:41.09]Til I can't feel nothing else
[00:41.94]But the drums of this song beating
[00:43.29]My heart beat
[00:44.35]Beating just a lil irregular
[00:45.53]Because my other half is missing
[00:47.23]I need to be next to her
[00:48.85]So I'm tryna fill it
[00:49.75]Feeling up all these women
[00:51.03]Trying not to catch feelings
[00:52.42]Think of her while I am drilling
[00:54.06]That's the crazy thing about this world that we live in
[00:56.75]You can have it all
[00:58.09]And still want something different
[00:58.88]I'm learning everyday
[01:00.82]Focus more on giving
[01:02.24]This for everybody that don't get
[01:05.04]Winter spring summer time
[01:06.70]IM A REAL PERSON
[01:07.84]Rainfall thunder shine
[01:08.91]IM A REAL PERSON
[01:10.31]My name dawg you can find under
[01:11.66]Real Person
[01:22.73]VERSE 2
[01:25.46]Feel like I took the pill from limitless
[01:27.86]Cuz I been on some different shit
[01:29.22]Difference is between me and you
[01:30.71]I'm sick
[01:32.02]You just in bed
[01:32.89]Coulda made loot the Caine
[01:34.55]But chose school instead
[01:35.42]Went ahead
[01:36.23]And got them student loans
[01:36.81]Now I gotta choose again
[01:38.14]Always remember you could lose ya life in this shit
[01:40.18]Its all one big
[01:42.14]And Ima strike in this bitch
[01:43.36]I mean if going down at all then I'm going down fighting
[01:45.56]Got this alcohol in me
[01:47.18]So you know I'm not frightened
[01:48.80]I'm just coping
[01:49.62]Tryna lighten
[01:50.17]All the pressure on me
[01:51.24]I mean somedays
[01:52.05]I feel like Akon cause I'm mr lonely
[01:53.19]RIP to Darien
[01:55.11]I can't forget you homie
[01:56.48]Got so caught up with all this music
[01:58.10]I ain't check in on you
[01:59.47]I often front bout how I'm feeling
[02:00.53]When I'm with my homies
[02:01.92]Cuz you was there before the songs
[02:03.35]Back when my hair was long and
[02:04.72]I know you think you prolly never left impression
[02:06.93]On me
[02:08.85]Little bro was in awe that u was so 6'4
[02:09.44]And every time I'd pass the ball to it was assist oh fasho
[02:13.03]We used to run the halls in the 6th grade
[02:17.59]Now sometimes you make me ball in a different way
[02:20.88]I feel ashamed I never called
[02:22.62]But sent you them links
[02:23.97]Now I realized this shit is not at all what you would think
[02:26.15]Now I miss
[02:27.50]Them summers
[02:28.10]In them aau leagues
[02:29.42]Flying eagles gold
[02:30.92]Was the name of the team
[02:32.28]That we played on
[02:33.34]Damn how n the fuck could they spray on
[02:34.96]A lanky ass lightskin dude thin as a crayon
[02:38.04]Smile like ya moms
[02:39.14]She lit up when you play on
[02:40.51]You taught me how to fight tall niggas
[02:42.13]Back at fame yard
[02:43.50]Member back when we was kids
[02:44.66]Now a days these niggas ain't hard
[02:46.02]You never get to choose the hand you dealt
[02:48.15]That's why I hate cards
[02:49.29]I wish that I could call you dawg I hate this....
[02:54.16]Winter spring summer time
[02:55.88]IM A REAL PERSON!
[02:56.97]Rain fall thunder shine
[02:58.40]IM A REAL PERSON!
[02:59.80]My name dawg you find under
[03:02.00]Real Person
[03:19.34]Caleb talks...