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Lrc reality check by noname

reality check - noname LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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41439 - reality check by noname [03:36.55] 1 year ago
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[ti:reality check]
[00:02.41]Verse 1: Noname]
[00:08.64]Opportunity knockin', a nigga was out for coffee
[00:12.12]Inadequate like my window, the Grammys is way too lofty
[00:14.90]And I could stay here forever, I could die here
[00:18.54]I don't have to try here; Can I get my two sugars please?
[00:20.14]Jesus made an album, I'm still waiting in the line for cream
[00:22.87]She dream in techni-color, live black and white
[00:25.90]Opportunity knockin', a nigga just got her nails done
[00:27.52]Skeletons in my closet gon' open the door when Yale come
[00:29.98]They ain't gonna wanna see my silhouette rap
[00:32.45]He's fucking cognac, my smile in all black
[00:34.10]Mississippi vagabond; Granny gon' turn up in her grave
[00:37.93]And say, "My granny really was a slave for this?
[00:40.05]All your uncompleted similes and pages ripped
[00:42.70]You know they whipped us niggas; How you afraid to rap it?
[00:45.19]You went to heaven after so we could free them now
[00:47.39]Ain't no ocean floor when you can be a Yeezus now."
[Hook: Eryn Allen Kane]
[00:49.68]Don't fear the light that dwells deep within
[00:59.25]You are powerful beyond what you imagine
[01:07.28]Just let your light glow
[Verse 2: Noname]
[01:09.74]Seventeen moments and cloudy days on my snap
[01:12.89]Mysterious aberration, illuminated the trap
[01:15.08]My telefone-calications synonymous with the sunrise
[01:17.89]Mountains against the foreground forever me coming back
[01:20.63]I ain't gonna cry; the last time Ali marched Chicago
[01:23.11]Twenty four and a late mojo teaching me how to drive
[01:25.35]Whole world inside my rear view
[01:27.86]This feeling, me so alive
[01:28.38]This feeling, me so alive, enjoy the joyride
[01:30.62]Opportunity knockin', it's finally time to answer
[01:33.14]The doorbell was only broken cause auntie was fighting cancer
[01:35.58]And cigarettes on my mantle keep callin me by my first name
[01:38.30]Loving me when I'm lonely, pretending they really Noname
[Hook: Eryn Allen Kane]
[01:40.80]Don't fear the light that dwells deep within
[01:50.05]You are powerful beyond what you imagine
[01:58.13]Just let your light glow
[Outro: Akenya]
[02:00.49]And when that call comes (You better say hello)
[02:03.01]You better say hello, no hesitation
[02:07.22](You better, yeah) No hiding deep down below
[02:09.92]No beg your pardon (You better stay and grow)
[02:15.18]You better stay and grow your liberation
[02:17.92](You better, yeah) For your lonely soul
[02:19.85]Or you’ll be on your own