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Lrc record20210416201243

record20210416201243 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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94175 - record20210416201243 [02:49.12] 11 hours ago
by Guest
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[00:02.68]My last vacation
[00:07.17]My last vacation was the craziest,
[00:15.17]but at the same time, it was the best vacation I haven’t been
[00:21.66]before. I can say I really enjoyed at all.
[00:28.66]At the beginning my family and me were planning going
[00:32.67]to Monterrey, but we were remembering
[00:38.17]that weather wasn´t so good last time we stayed in
[00:42.92]there, so finally we decided to go to have a
[00:47.66]great vacation in Acapulco, swimming at the beach.
[00:55.42]So we left home and headed to Acapulco into
[00:59.91]my father´s car. My Mother and my little brother
[01:02.91]were so happy, me too.
[01:11.67]While my father was driving something crashed into
[01:17.66]one of the tires, so we stopped the car and
[01:26.66]leaved out the car to check it up. And yes, there
[01:31.66]was a flat tire. My father got a spare tire from the
[01:38.67]trunk in order to replace the flat tire, I helped him to do it.
[01:47.67]Finally we arrived to Acapulco, we stayed into
[01:53.67]a hotel, hour later, we ate a delicious club sandwich
[01:58.41]and a soda and my brother and me were the first
[02:03.16]people going to swim to the beach. We were
[02:09.90]swimming during hours, but finally we had to
[02:12.66]left the waves to eat dinner.
[02:20.66]We ate a delicious beef with orange juice and then
[02:27.41]we went to sleep. Next day, early morning we
[02:30.66]were coming back home to take a rest,
[02:37.66]to see and to swim at the beach was really amazing, I can´t
[02:42.67]even, forget it. I hope to come back next vacations,
[02:45.41]even if we get another flat tire.