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Lrc shadow man by noname

shadow man - noname LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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41561 - shadow man by noname [05:13.15] 2 years ago
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[ti:shadow man]
[00:02.25]How do you see me?
[00:03.96]How do you love me?
[00:05.90]How do you remember me?
[00:08.97]Amaurotic nightingale
[00:14.32]I hope that darkness keeps you well
[00:16.25]When I can't fall asleep at night
[00:19.39]I blindly taught myself to fight
[00:21.62]Aw shadow man shadow box, please keep your hands up
[00:24.42]And if you get knocked down don't forget to stand up
[00:27.20]Bless the nightingale
[00:33.51]Darkness keep you well
[00:40.14]Bless the nightingale
[00:45.44](I pray it keep you well)
[00:46.54]Darkness keep you well
[Verse 1: Noname]
[00:50.55]Shadow man, shadow box, dance in the dark with me
[00:53.11]This resurrected agony there's apathy for caskets
[00:55.20]Everything I ever loved I lost in the magic
[00:57.97]I claim by the river, my body delivered
[01:00.62]When I die there's 27 rappers at my funeral
[01:03.40]Moses wrote my name in gold and Kanye did the eulogy
[01:05.82]Remember all the bashfulness, understand the truancy
[01:08.26]Here I stand in front of a college dropout
[01:10.26]My music was a church when my spirit hopped out
[01:13.17]Met a gypsy in LA and she reading my palm tree
[01:15.64]Mysterious situation like kissing the concrete i.e getting money
[01:19.28]I been close to heaven, baby claim he love me
[01:23.06]Hold me down forever, I never should have bought this halo
[01:25.45]He waiting for me at his table
[01:27.63]My funeral a Disney fable 'cause the king 'bout to take me home
[Verse 2: Saba]
[01:31.72]Preach, church, tabernacle, Tallahassee sunshine
[01:34.80]Southern is my bloodline, we know it'll come time... to go
[01:37.31]And though I leave like alumni
[01:40.25]I'm lying like a lullaby and quiet like my tongue tied... alone
[01:42.98]Bury me in satin, tell the pastors say the sad shit
[01:46.53]Same class with the whole... first row
[01:48.53]And if ashes turn to ashes then I'm back in my first form
[01:51.31]With a dust storm with a corner... and coke
[01:53.52]Morbid or late, Lord give Lord take
[01:56.30]Viva la muerte, mortal man, less love, more hate
[02:00.05]More like mortician, we meet our fate
[02:02.91]Funeral home lookin like a home that I used to live in
[02:05.26]You wasn't supposed to go so soon I took it for granted
[02:07.48]Maybe we'll meet the next life, maybe another planet
[02:10.48]Open my soul but then it'll end with an open casket
[Verse 3: Smino]
[02:13.55]Uh, ay, tippy-toe on a tightrope
[02:16.48]Leaning on green and it gon be a dice roll
[02:19.21]I'm fiendin' a feline who mindset Afeni, I got two packs for us
[02:23.26]Gold on my gumline done got rich off my tongue
[02:26.08]Sticky dro in the tight roll, cleaning my grievances
[02:28.64]As a lil' heathen I sat pledge allegiance out
[02:31.41]Never believed in y'all system, I needed more
[02:33.89]And I done went Figaro with the finger roll
[02:36.36]Landed wrong split my head, start leaking songs
[02:38.25]And I'm worser than they worst, they make a nigga live forever
[02:40.16]Flock with them birds, my heart stay lighter than a feather
[02:42.93]It's gon be niggas boomin' at my funeral (oo-woo-woo-woo!)
[02:45.96]Tell em play Metro Boomin' at my funeral
[02:48.29]St. Louis taught me death could be your neighbor, stay away
[02:51.28]Don't take the family for granted better days await
[Outro: Phoelix, TheMIND, Cam O'bi]
[02:54.93]Bless the nightingale
[02:59.53]Darkness keep you well
[03:05.12]Bless the nightingale
[03:10.11]Darkness keep you well
[03:15.44]Bless the nightingale
[03:20.99]Darkness keep you well
[03:25.94]Bless the nightingale
[03:30.80]Darkness keep you well