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Lrc til I collapse

til I collapse LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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1396 - til I collapse [02:41.57] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:til I collapse ]
[00:09.56]you have one shot on stage
[00:11.57]what you got to play
[00:13.06]generic drops for days
[00:14.32]still the people rage
[00:15.81]am I not insane?
[00:17.06]can you stop and explain?
[00:18.56]why these drops are so lame
[00:19.81]is money buyin you fame?
[00:21.57]I'm fuckin on
[00:22.56]I'm killin it with this song
[00:23.56]you haters can sing along
[00:24.92]or go back where you belong yea
[00:26.91]there's nothing wrong
[00:28.65]with giving up movin on
[00:29.03]cuz I took your girl to prom
[00:30.53]she can't help but sing this song haha
[00:32.34]Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out
[00:35.33]Till my legs give out can't shut my mouth
[00:38.08]Till the smoke clears out. Am I high? Perhaps
[00:40.58]Ima rip this shit till my bones collapse.
[01:17.09]I'm so gone
[01:18.61]faded off a 30 rack
[01:20.09]she's so on
[01:21.58]like a light switch flirting back
[01:22.83]there's nothing wrong
[01:23.83]with the way that she's working that
[01:25.60]I just want that body bad
[01:26.83]come on baby bring it back
[01:49.11]I rap with a passion yea I got it in me
[01:52.84]I've been waiting quite a long time for y'all to hear me
[01:55.59]it's about damn time you put some stock into me
[01:58.33]your either sponsoring me or fuckin bothering me
[02:01.34]and the fact is we just practice
[02:03.34]all this madness
[02:04.33]that is
[02:05.33]why our status
[02:06.34]is like a canvas
[02:07.36]chance is our advancement
[02:09.18]is enhancing
[02:09.82]and this
[02:10.92]new expansion's
[02:11.67]like a mansion