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Lrc why_the_rainbow_is_ours_dodie_lyrics_mp3_75327

why_the_rainbow_is_ours_dodie_lyrics_mp3_75327 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11172 - why_the_rainbow_is_ours_dodie_lyrics_mp3_75327 [01:27.09] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:05.60]It's a wonderful community
[00:08.11]It's given me a family
[00:11.34]I'm still not used to feeling proud
[00:14.85]But it feels so good to be so loud
[00:17.85]As part of a minority
[00:21.09]I tend to have anxieties
[00:24.34]But I feel so safe and so connected
[00:27.86]To a group so empathetic
[00:31.10]They understand when I am down
[00:32.59]It feels so good to just come out
[00:34.35]I feel like I fit in the world
[00:35.85]And girls girls girls
[00:37.60]Me and myself
[00:38.35]And I am free
[00:39.12]So unapologetically
[00:40.60]Different but a special human
[00:42.85]Also women
[00:44.11]I feel finally accepted
[00:47.10]My identity respected
[00:50.34]They get it if I still don't know
[00:53.35]And now I don't feel so alone