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Lrc wintertime by ybn cordae

wintertime - ybn cordae LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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44213 - wintertime by ybn cordae [03:00.74] 1 year ago
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[ar:ybn cordae]
[00:00.54]Verse 1]
[00:23.54]Uh, okay, we all got skeletons in our closet from a shady past
[00:27.25]Made me brag about my Mercedes, Jag
[00:29.43]Going fast, made me crash
[00:31.05]My ex keep fuckin' up my car with her crazy ass
[00:34.12]Lately, sad
[00:35.49]Reminisce the times, please take me back
[00:37.45]Aimin' for the top, I'm on target like a Brady pass
[00:40.55]Did a show for eighty cash, and threw it in my lady bag
[00:43.36]That was fuckin' easy money, sniper, on my KD swag
[00:46.67]Thought about quittin', I'm a warrior, can take the jab
[00:49.95]Whoever said shit was easy forever lied
[00:52.85]I mesmerize, how simple decisions can jeopardize
[00:55.89]When Martin Luther cheated and stared in Coretta's eyes
[00:59.00]This is lyrical exercise, told my idols to step aside
[01:02.11]My mama said I'm buggin', no need for the pesticides
[01:05.48]Was just waitin' tables, gave customers extra fries
[01:08.91]Maya Angelou with accounts, I just let it rise
[01:11.88]And hopefully my words never die
[01:14.74]Wintertime and it's rainin'
[01:18.11]But shit, I don't be complainin'
[01:21.16]Summer's cold, shit is dangerous
[01:24.34]Yeah, I can feel the changes (Uh)
[01:27.92]Try to take a walk up in my shoes
[01:29.97]A nigga rappin' like I really got somethin' to prove
[01:32.92]'Cause motherfucker, I do
[01:34.38]I climb hills, niggas was sleepin', on Nyquil
[01:37.27]Paint a picture vivid, dawg, on everything, my life's real
[01:40.51]Was just in college, strugglin' to get a nice meal
[01:43.60]Made it out the gutter, then that's all because of my skills
[01:46.80]All because the glory, nigga, let me tell my story
[01:50.11]I am not that nigga with potential, I am not a worry
[01:52.80]I was lost like Dory, but I'm finally found
[01:55.83]Was addicted to the Xans to calm anxiety down
[01:58.88]And I never would admit because society clowns
[02:02.31]Any nigga with a problem, they can't quiet me now, nigga
[02:06.32]Wintertime and it's rainin'
[02:08.84]But shit, I don't be complainin'
[02:11.70]Summer's cold, shit is dangerous
[02:15.09]Yeah, I can feel the changes
[02:21.71]Know where you come from, it's easy to tell where you going
[02:39.19]Just keep dreaming 'til you find out