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Lrc アンヘル by Mafumafu

アンヘル - Mafumafu LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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53372 - アンヘル by Mafumafu [03:37.94] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:18.32]They came together in a steady stream,
[00:19.55]And suddenlt - hello!
[00:20.81](Ah ha ha ha)
[00:22.30]It's my b-b-b-birthday.
[00:23.80]I suffer from successive illnesses,
[00:24.81]But though the rims of my eyes get wet,
[00:26.54]I'm happy
[00:27.56]If I'm alive...
[00:29.81]Que sera,
[00:30.55]Que sera
[00:31.06]Que sera.

[00:34.31]I don't remember asking anyone to, but
[00:36.55](Ah ha ah ha!)
[00:38.32]They gave birth to me!
[00:39.80]I get a seeping bruise and I gouge at it.

[00:40.58]Blood leaks out,
[00:41.81]But I'm happy
[00:43.30]Because I'm alive!
[00:45.29]Que sera
[00:46.06]Que sera
[00:46.81]Que sera
[00:48.84]ra ra ra ra..

[00:54.57]The blade of grace
[00:55.31]Bloomed crimson.
[00:57.05]Hold the meaning of existence
[00:58.55]Aloft. Hold it aloft!
[00:59.84]This is a manservant's karma
[01:01.08]At the edge of tbis prison,
[01:02.31]Weave together a
[01:03.55]A worthless life
[01:04.56]Weave it!

[01:08.56]Being cynical is
[01:09.57](1, 2, 3)
[01:10.30]tough, isn’t it?
[01:11.08]Live frantically.
[01:11.80]Live, live, live!
[01:13.55]Stitch your heart together
[01:14.30](2, 2, 3)
[01:15.55]and illuminate a garbage future.
[01:16.80]Illuminate it!

[01:28.80]My eye measurement’s off.
[01:31.10](Ah ha ha ha)
[01:32.81]It festers, and I put up with it.
[01:34.06]In tears, I hesitate. If I choose “to live,”
[01:36.31]I’ll be happy.
[01:37.80]This world is a paradise. Come on!
[01:40.30]Que sera, que sera,
[01:41.55]que sera, ra ra ra ra…

[01:45.56]The painting of corruption was torn up,
[01:46.81]turning crimson.
[01:48.06]Carry out the duty
[01:49.05]of existence. Carry it out!
[01:50.82]This is a manservant’s karma.
[01:52.07]Pursue the faint light of hope
[01:53.30]at the end of blasphemy. Pursue it!

[01:59.34]Breach. Being cynical is
[02:00.55](1, 2, 3)
[02:01.79]a painful laceration.
[02:02.80]Become desperate and live.
[02:03.30]Live, live, live!
[02:04.55]Fault. Cover yourself in mud
[02:05.30](2, 2, 3)
[02:07.05]and expose an
[02:08.30]empty future. Expose it!

[02:11.06]Your wounds are deep red
[02:11.56](1, 2, 3)
[02:12.31]Though you may be trod upon or kicked, live.
[02:13.06]Live, live, live!
[02:15.83]Your heart scatters
[02:16.83](2, 2, 3)
[02:17.30]Hide your
[02:19.33]garbage self. Hide it!

[02:30.80]Three cheers to this light.
[02:31.80]Spend a whole life alone.
[02:33.30]Object to that pain.
[02:34.55]Impertinence leads to unrelated casualties.
[02:35.80]The sickness I clad myself in.
[02:37.05]A countenance puzzled by hell.
[02:38.56]A condition of numb deterioration.
[02:39.80]Unreachable lifesaving injuries.

[02:41.03]View all of creation in your body.
[02:42.32]It’s a demonstration of cynical intermingling
[02:43.55]It’s a phenomenon of hypocrites running rampant.
[02:44.80]It’s a destructive struggle for existence
[02:46.30]Humans live for at most a century.
[02:47.30]Everyone will arrive at their demise
[02:48.82]and yet, they have the tenacity to live.
[02:50.06]I’m dumbfounded by this insatiable contradiction.

[02:55.57]Crawling on hands and knees.
[02:55.80](1, 2, 3)
[02:57.05]It’s a tough, disastrous scene.
[02:57.82]There isn’t even a way out. It doesn’t exist
[02:59.05]Your deteriorating heart
[03:01.04](2, 2, 3)
[03:02.31]hurts, doesn’t it?
[03:03.57]Come now…

[03:07.80]Being cynical is
[03:08.32](1, 2, 3)
[03:09.80]tough, isn’t it?
[03:10.57]Live frantically.
[03:11.07]Live, live, live!
[03:13.05]Stitch your heart up
[03:14.06](2, 2, 3)
[03:14.81]and illuminate that
[03:15.81]garbage future. Illuminate it!

[03:17.82]That massive X mark is deep red
[03:18.54](1, 2, 3)
[03:19.81]Though you may be trod upon or corrupted, live.
[03:21.05]Live, live, live!
[03:23.32]Your heart scatters.
[03:24.29](2, 2, 3)
[03:25.05]Illuminate a garbage
[03:26.30]future. Illuminate it!
[03:27.81]Expose it! Expose it!
[03:29.07]Destroy it! Destroy it!