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Top Haitian Music Interests of Last Week

The Top Showbiz in Haitian Music is calculated from the past week to show the Top 5 visited Bands, Top 5 visited Musicians, Top 5 visited Disc Jockeys (DJ), Top 5 visited Albums and the Top 10 visited and played Musics. Get more information on Haitian Music History and Artists.
Today's Media Activities
Music Circled Play Icon 7 plays Foster JOVIN and 3 other Melomaniacs played Song Incroyable of Album Degaje of Band Harmonik today!
Music Circled Play Icon 5 plays 1 Melomaniac played Song Pe Jere of Album Mache Mache en Troubadour of Band Alabanza today!
Music Circled Play Icon 4 plays Foster JOVIN and 2 other Melomaniacs played Song Le Gardien of Album Nou Pap Domi Deyo of Band Djakout #1 today!
Video Red Icon 2 plays 2 Melomaniacs played Video Anyen Pa Deranje m' of Song Anyen Pa Deranje m' today!
Video Red Icon 1 plays 1 Melomaniac played Video Ti Mamoun of Song Ti Mamoun today!
Video Red Icon 1 plays 1 Melomaniac played Video Kre'K Anle of Song Kre'K Anle today!

Top 10 Haitian Musics

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