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About Megalobiz

Megalobiz is a music Social Network created in order to improve Haitan Music Sector. That's why we started our niche at Haiti.

Our main objective is to simulate the real world interactions between :

  • Music Actors such as Bands, Musicians and Disc Jockeys, Photographers Managers, Promoters, Animators, Sponsors
  • Music products such as Songs, Albums, Videos, Events
  • And Melomans which are any person interested in Music

Interactions keep growing and vary according to the Subject :

  • Melomans can Listen to Musics, watch Videos and rate them, create Playlists, Amplify their musical tastes and experiences with others
  • Melomans can respect Bands, Musicians, Djs, and receive news and notifications about them
  • Managers can manage Bands, Musicians and DJs
  • Bands, Musicians can launch Albums and Songs
  • Promoters can setup Events
  • And so on...

More Details

Contact Us for Suggestions, Bugs, Questions, Copyrights on Songs and Pictures, Investment, Partnership
Check our Terms and Conditions about Subscribing to Megalobiz, Listening to musics, Posting, Commenting and adding Pictures
Check our Privacy Policy on how we use you data from your Profile, your Browser and your interactions with the Website contents