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Lrc 06. Skit _ Billboard Music Awards Speech

06. Skit _ Billboard Music Awards Speech LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31710 - 06. Skit _ Billboard Music Awards Speech [01:47.08] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[The Host:]
[00:00.29]Woooh! And the Billboard Music Award goes to...BTS!

[Rap Monster:]
[00:43.28]ARMY, our fandom, thank you very much
[00:49.78]And you know we still cannot believe that we're standing here on the stage of Billboard Music Award, oh my gosh
[00:59.27]And it is so great to see all the artists we admire and feel honored to be in this category with such great artists, you know like, right in front of us
[01:08.53]It's really honored and most importantly this award belongs to the every people all around the world that shine the love and light on us by the millions and make it grow really everywhere
[01:24.03]Please, ARMY, remember what we say, love myself, love yourself
[01:27.52]정말 사랑하고, 감사합니다
[01:30.03]더 멋진 방탄소년단 되겠다
[01:32.27]Thank you Billboard for supporting us, thank you