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Lrc 1-13 People 1-8

1-13 People 1-8 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50996 - 1-13 People 1-8 [01:25.97] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:02.38]People - Yan
[00:06.13]1. How many brothers and sisters do you have ?
[00:08.38]Nei yau gei do (go) hing dai ji mooi ?
[00:14.38]2. I have one elder brother, two younger brothers, and one elder sister.
[00:17.13]Ngo yau yat go goh go/daai lou, leung go dai dai/sai lou tung yat go jeh je/ga je.
[00:31.88]3. I have no younger sisters.
[00:35.13]Ngo mou mooi mooi / sai mooi.
[00:39.63]4. Do you have any children ?
[00:42.13]Nei yau mou jai nui ?
[00:46.88]5. I have a daughter and a set of twin boys.
[00:49.88]Ngo yau yat go nui tung yat dui ma jai.
[00:56.88]6. Where is your family ?
[01:00.13]Nei (ge) uk kei yan hai bin dou ?
[01:05.63]7. My father and mother live in England.
[01:07.38]Ngo ba ba (tung) ma ma jue hai ying gwok.
[01:12.63]8. My grandfather and grandmother live in Mainland China (Father's parents).
[01:16.38]Ngo yeh yeh tung mah mah jue hai daai luk.