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Lrc 102 by The 1975

102 - The 1975 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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52548 - 102 by The 1975 [04:00.67] 11 months ago
by Guest
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[ar:The 1975]
[al:A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships]
[au:The 1975]
[00:24.33]Well we're here
[00:28.56]We're at the common again
[00:33.82]Smoked six of the ten fags that
[00:37.54]I only bought an hour ago
[00:44.83]Said well I
[00:48.81]I like the look of your shoes
[00:54.32]I like the way that your face looks when
[00:58.08]I'm arguing with you
[01:05.31]And so when, when we all grow old
[01:15.07]I hope this song will remind you that
[01:18.81]I'm not half as bad as what
[01:23.31]You've been told
[01:26.09]When I knock
[01:30.56]At a hundred and two
[01:35.81]And I see your pajamas
[01:38.57]I can't stop smiling at you
[01:45.84]And that's why we're here
[01:51.31]We're at the common again
[01:56.31]I've been pouring my heart out
[01:59.31]Towards your optimistic grin
[02:07.06]Said well I
[02:11.35]I like the cut of your jib
[02:16.85]I like the way that your face looks
[02:20.09]When you're yapping on about him
[02:32.69]But on this shirt
[02:37.54]I found your smell
[02:43.18]And I just sat there for ages
[02:45.50]Contemplating what to do with myself
[02:53.74]I called you up
[02:58.24]At a hundred and two
[03:03.50]We just sat there for ages
[03:06.49]Talking about that boy
[03:09.74]What was getting onto you