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Lrc 3.admit-agree.B by Oxford

3.admit-agree.B - Oxford LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10860 - 3.admit-agree.B by Oxford [01:33.28] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[au:Minh Thu Ngo]
[by:Minh Thu Ngo]
[00:00.15]Several firms have been forced to admit charges of paying illegal bonuses to employees.
[00:08.15]Many European firms are now adopting a management style closer to that of the US.
[00:13.90]Overall, consumer prices are advancing at a modest rate.
[00:18.90]Smaller businesses often have an advantage in the area of customer relations.
[00:24.40]I saw that new product advertised on TV.
[00:28.16]She replied to my advertisement for a secretary.
[00:31.65]The new owner was worried after receiving advice of sale from the vendor's lawyer.
[00:36.90]It's advisable to book seats at least a week in advance.
[00:40.65]I would advise against you taking this job.
[00:43.90]We would advocate selling those shares at current levels.
[00:47.41]The company is affiliated with another non-profit group.
[00:51.16]Trade unions have a long history of affiliation to the Labour Party.
[00:55.91]There should be an affirmative role for government in social problems.
[00:59.90]Debt is not a bad thing if the consumer can afford to pay it back.
[01:04.41]You can book at your local travel agency.
[01:07.41]Our agent in New York deals with all US sales.
[01:10.91]The aggregate money supply has declined 18.5%.
[01:15.16]Mobile and satellite communications systems aggregate a range of services such as telephony, data transmission, and internet distribution.
[01:24.90]Pre-tax profits fell 17% on aggregate sales.
[01:28.90]Any change to the rules must be agreed by two thirds of member.