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Lrc 5.anticipation-arise.B by Stanford

5.anticipation-arise.B - Stanford LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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12653 - 5.anticipation-arise.B by Stanford [01:34.82] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[au:Minh Thu Ngo]
[by:Minh Thu Ngo]
[00:00.40]He bought extra food in anticipation of more people coming than he'd invited.
[00:06.40]The hotel has issued an apology for its mistake.
[00:09.91]Brightly coloured packaging made the pens especially appealing to children.
[00:14.40]Her picture appeared on the front page of the news-paper.
[00:17.91]We received over 250 applications for the post.
[00:21.90]The tax would only apply to meals in restaurants.
[00:25.15]A new manager was appointed during her absence.
[00:28.66]The appointment of a new CEO is the next step in the evolution of the company.
[00:34.16]Performance appraisals focus centrally on task standards and on work behaviours, not on personality.
[00:41.65]Senior staff appraise their day-to-day work, while mentors are on hand to offer advice.
[00:48.15]His property has appreciated as much as 40% in two years.
[00:53.16]At 17.15% house-price appreciation was nearly triple the international rate.
[00:58.91]We have been approached by a number of companies that are interested in our product.
[01:04.65]The new strategy has yet to receive approval from the board.
[01:09.15]If shareholders approve the deal, it would be the biggest acquisition in our country.
[01:14.40]Investors generally must agree when they open an account to arbitrate any dispute rather than go to court.
[01:21.41]The deadlock in the talks meant that the dispute was taken to arbitration.
[01:26.16]They argued for a tax cut.
[01:29.16]I had an argument with my boss.
[01:30.66]It's always best to anticipate problems before they arise.