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Lrc Adulruna Rediviva by Therion

Adulruna Rediviva - Therion LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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857 - Adulruna Rediviva by Therion [13:37.42] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[al:Gothic Kabbalah]
[ti:Adulruna Rediviva]
[00:25.87]Shine on me Runa
[00:33.40]Rune rediviva, you're reborn at last, from the past

[00:57.14]GAGHN MIS

[01:11.65]Hear the calling:
[01:13.63]"Walk to meet me!
[01:15.66]Run to meet me!"

[01:27.64]In ancient days
[01:29.64]In an ancient world
[01:31.37]The Sibyls sung their melodies
[01:33.86]But the song is lost, and no one hear
[01:36.88]When Sibyls speak the words of gods
[01:40.83]The world is deaf!

[01:42.34]Ancient Sibylla we will follow you...

[02:21.37]Old Sibylla
[02:28.66]Hear our calling
[02:36.42]Speak to Mankind!

[05:01.47]O' Hermes Trismegistos
[05:04.74]Orpheus, Zarathustra
[05:07.49]Pythagoras and Plato
[05:10.49]Mediate the wisdom!

[05:14.23]Philosophers eternal
[05:16.97]Make the spirit flying
[05:20.26]Rising to spheres harmonic
[05:22.97]Where Sibyls are still singing

[06:17.00]Leo, are you roaring to make the world awake again?
[06:28.25]See Sophia
[06:34.27]Descending from the sky

[06:41.74]Drink the sacred nectar from the rose
[06:47.99]The maiden has returned!

[06:53.99]The root of mandragora
[06:56.71](is the) foetus of Sibylla
[06:59.73]The pages of the Runa
[07:02.72]Mediate her message

[07:59.45]She is born
[08:00.95](the) female Christ
[08:02.70]Aphrodite from the sea
[08:05.51](O) sacred rose
[08:07.37]Come to me

[08:12.07]She is born
[08:13.57](the) female Christ
[08:15.07]Aphrodite from the sea
[08:18.07](O) sacred rose
[08:19.89]Come to me

[08:21.34]The nectar and the bloodred wine
[08:33.86]Intoxicatate, expel the time

[10:22.77]O' Hermes Trismegistos
[10:25.85]Orpheus, Zarathustra
[10:28.59]Pythagoras and Plato
[10:31.35]Mediate her message!

[11:32.34]Rise O' wise Venus
[11:39.84]Rune Rediviva!