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Lrc Amazed

Amazed LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10879 - Amazed [04:00.72] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[00:02.26]{00:03.97,G}( I n t r o )
[00:10.26]{00:10.77,G} Every time our eyes meet
[00:13.76]{00:14.18,D} This feeling inside me
[00:17.26]{00:17.61,Em} Is almost more than I can ta{00:21.07,C}ke
[00:24.01]{00:24.50,G} Baby, when you touch me
[00:27.51]{00:27.93,D} I can feel how much you love me
[00:31.01]{00:31.36,Em} And it just blows me aw{00:34.77,C}ay
[00:37.51]{00:38.21,Bb} I've never been this close
[00:41.15]To {00:41.62,F}anyone or anything
[00:44.65]{00:45.05,Gm} I can hear your thoughts
[00:47.90]{00:48.48,Eb} I can see your dreams
[00:51.40]{00:51.89,C} I don't know how you do what you d{00:55.33,G}o
[00:56.40]I'm so in love with y{00:58.77,Am}ou
[00:59.90]It just keeps getting b{01:02.22,F}etter
[01:05.15]{01:05.63,C} I want to spend the rest of my lif{01:09.07,G}e
[01:10.28]With you by my si{01:12.48,Am}de
[01:13.53]Forever and e{01:15.92,F}ver
[01:18.78]{01:19.35,Eb} Every little thing that you d{01:22.80,F}o
[01:23.53]Baby, I'm amazed by yo{01:26.23,G}u
[01:32.28]{01:33.10,G} The smell of your skin
[01:36.28]{01:36.50,D} The taste of your kiss
[01:39.78]{01:39.93,Em} The way you whisper in the d{01:43.38,C}ark
[01:46.28]{01:46.82,G} Your hair all around me
[01:50.03]{01:50.22,D} Baby, you surround me
[01:53.28]{01:53.68,Em} Touch every place in my hea{01:57.11,C}rt
[02:00.03]{02:00.55,Bb} Oh it feels like the {02:03.95,F}first time every time
[02:07.03]{02:07.38,Gm} I want to spend the whole night
[02:10.43]{02:10.84,Eb} In your eyes
[02:13.68]{02:14.26,C} I don't know how you do what you d{02:17.69,G}o
[02:18.68]I'm so in love with y{02:21.09,Am}ou
[02:22.18]It just keeps getting b{02:24.54,F}etter
[02:27.43]{02:28.00,C} I want to spend the rest of my li{02:31.42,G}fe
[02:32.43]With you by my si{02:34.86,Am}de. Forever and e{02:38.28,F}ver
[02:41.18]{02:41.69,Eb} Every little thing that you d{02:45.12,F}o
[02:45.93]Baby, I'm amazed by y{02:48.54,G}ou
[02:51.43]{02:51.97,Bb}( I n t e{02:53.71,C} r l u d e {02:55.42,G})
[02:58.18]{02:58.83,Bb}( I n t e{03:00.56,F} r l u d e )
[03:01.43]{03:01.82,C} Every little thing that {03:04.81,F}you do{03:05.65,G}
[03:06.68]I'm so in love with y{03:09.13,Am}ou
[03:10.18]It just keeps getting b{03:12.56,F}etter
[03:15.43]{03:15.99,C} I want to spend the rest of my lif{03:19.43,G}e
[03:20.43]With you by my si{03:22.89,Am}de. Forever and e{03:26.28,F}ver
[03:29.18]{03:29.72,Eb} Every little thing that you d{03:33.17,F}o, oh
[03:36.18]{03:36.60,Eb/G} Every little thing that you d{03:40.02,F/A}o
[03:40.83]{03:40.85,F}Baby, I'm amazed by y{03:45.36,G}ou
[03:49.48]{03:50.50,G }( O u t r o )