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Lrc Debris by Blue october

Debris - Blue october LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11107 - Debris by Blue october [06:42.02] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Blue october]
[00:57.73]A fresh start
[01:01.00]Let me walk around your ball park
[01:08.26]A fever we can learn from
[01:14.51]Now just breathe it in
[01:22.01]It's ok
[01:25.76]To want
[01:28.76]To have
[01:32.00]To take
[01:35.00]So embrace the one
[01:41.52]You can't replace
[01:46.52]She's the only woman
[02:13.77]Soft spot
[02:18.02]Shaking from the knees up
[02:22.77]Got me screaming sneak a peak
[02:27.40]Into my life dear
[02:31.91]Now just breathe it in
[02:38.92]In my sea
[02:41.91]She's the water
[02:45.66]When my ship is going down
[02:49.18]She's my north wind
[02:55.68]When I go south
[02:58.17]She knows how far I’ll go.
[03:04.92]It's ok
[03:07.43]To want
[03:10.92]To have
[03:14.42]To take
[03:17.68]Embrace the one
[03:23.17]you can't replace
[03:29.92]Embrace the one
[03:36.43]Who held your fate
[03:43.19]Embrace the one
[03:49.18]You can't replace
[03:54.94]She's the only woman