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Lrc Do you feel loved by U2

Do you feel loved - U2 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11362 - Do you feel loved by U2 [05:07.44] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Do you feel loved]
[00:50.47]Take these hands, they're good for nothing
[00:54.47]You know these hands never worked a day
[00:58.73]Take these boots they're going nowhere
[01:02.98]You know these boots don't want to stray
[01:06.99]You got my head filled with songs
[01:12.26]You got my shoelaces undone
[01:15.51]Take my shirt, go on, take it off me
[01:19.77]You can tear it up if you can tie me down
[01:23.53]Do you feel loved?
[01:50.07]Take the colours of my imagination
[01:53.56]Take the scent hanging in the air
[01:57.81]Take this tangle of a conversation
[02:01.82]Turn it into your own prayer
[02:06.82]With my fingers as you want them
[02:10.83]With my nails under your hide
[02:14.82]With my teeth at your back
[02:19.07]And my tongue to tell you the sweetest lies
[03:03.11]And it looks like the sun
[03:04.85]But it feels like the rain, oh
[03:10.11]Love's a bully, pushing and shoving
[03:11.11]In the belly of a woman
[03:11.86]Heavy rhythm taking over
[03:14.86]To stick together a man and a woman
[03:18.61]Stick together man and a woman
[03:23.11]Stick together