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Lrc Everything to Me by Mark Schultz

Everything to Me - Mark Schultz LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10669 - Everything to Me by Mark Schultz [04:36.92] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Mark Schultz]
[al:Broken & Beautiful]
[ti:Everything to Me]
[au:Mark Schultz]
[00:12.46]I must have felt your tears
[00:15.46]When they took me from your arms
[00:18.44]I'm sure I must have heard you say goodbye
[00:25.71]Lonely and afraid had you made a big mistake
[00:31.71]Could an ocean even hold the tears you cried
[00:37.69]But you had dreams for me
[00:40.98]You wanted the best for me
[00:44.71]And you made the only choice you could that night
[00:50.70]You gave life to me
[00:53.95]A brand new world to see
[00:57.43]Like playing baseball in the yard with dad at night
[01:03.45]Mom reading Goodnight Moon
[01:06.70]And praying in my room
[01:10.17]So if you worry if your choice was right
[01:17.44]You gave me up but you gave everything to me
[01:30.95]And if I saw you on the street
[01:33.19]Would you know that it was me
[01:36.71]And would your eyes be blue or green like mine
[01:43.43]Would we share a warm embrace
[01:46.43]Would you know me in your heart
[01:49.69]Or would you smile and let me walk on by
[01:55.94]Knowing you had dreams for me
[01:58.94]You wanted the best for me
[02:02.43]And I hope that you'd be proud of who I am
[02:08.67]You gave life to me
[02:11.94]A chance to find my dreams
[02:16.44]And a chance to fall in love
[02:21.20]You should have seen her shining face
[02:24.94]On our wedding day
[02:28.19]Oh is this the dream you had in mind
[02:35.43]When you gave me up
[02:38.18]You gave everything to me
[02:44.44]And when I see you there
[02:47.43]Watching from heaven's gates
[02:50.75]Into your arms
[02:52.92]I'm gonna run
[02:57.19]And when you look in my eyes
[03:00.43]You can see my whole life
[03:03.94]See who I was
[03:06.91]And who I've become