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Lrc Familiar by Steven Universe

Familiar - Steven Universe LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31592 - Familiar by Steven Universe [02:32.82] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Steven Universe ]
[al:SU 5 stagione ]
[au:Rebecca Sugar]
[00:26.92]Why is this so familiar?
[00:30.91]Like something I used to know
[00:36.16]Staring up at the ceiling
[00:41.41]I swear that I know this feeling
[00:45.16]Where everybody wants me to be mom
[00:48.16](Wants me to be mom, wants me to be mom)
[00:50.41]And everything I do, I do it wrong
[00:53.40](I do it wrong, I do it wrong)
[00:55.67]I'll sway them with a joke or with a song
[00:58.42](Or with a song)
[01:00.93]And maybe that'll help us get along
[01:07.66]Why is this so familiar?
[01:13.17]Like something I used to do
[01:15.15](Something I used to do)
[01:18.42]That she used to throw a tantrum
[01:22.16]Insisting that "Hey, I'm a diamond too"
[01:27.44]I bet she drove them crazy all the time
[01:30.17](Crazy all the time)
[01:32.71]They love her but they're leaving her behind
[01:37.66]With more important places they should be
[01:41.16](Places they should be)
[01:42.94]Than hanging out with someone just like me
[01:50.16]That's why it's so familiar
[01:52.17](That's why it's so familiar)
[01:55.41]Like someone I used to be
[01:56.92](Used to be)
[02:00.67]But this time I've had some practice
[02:02.91](This time I've had some practice)
[02:04.41]At helping a struggling family
[02:07.18](A struggling family)
[02:09.41]Oh I'll get them all together in one place
[02:14.66]And once we're all together face to face
[02:19.67]I'll show them all the error of their ways
[02:25.16]And stop their spread of terror across space.