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Lrc Fight For The Life by Bones Xiong

Fight For The Life - Bones Xiong LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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41702 - Fight For The Life by Bones Xiong [05:38.93] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Bones Xiong]
[ti:Fight For The Life]
[au:Bones Xiong]
[00:30.59]It's gonna be your song
[00:36.54]You gotta awake
[00:43.22]Another day went by in your life
[00:50.31]Woo~ Waste the time
[00:57.74]Somebody has broken my heart
[01:04.62]Someone changed my mind
[01:11.51]Too many times you thought to give up
[01:18.59]What we've done before to try
[01:41.51]It's gonna be your song
[01:47.02]You gotta awake
[01:53.82]Another day went by in your life
[02:00.94]Woo~ Waste the time
[02:25.78]If I can go I'll back to (out of control)
[02:29.19]Hooo~ (out of control)
[02:39.94]Fight for the life and fight for (out of control)
[02:43.60]Hooo~ (out of control)
[02:53.94]Into your mind and hold you (out of control)
[02:57.42]Hooo~ (out of control)
[03:07.18]I'm gonna find out what's right (out of control)
[03:19.46]When I decide the answer, life, to cause a lot of my mind
[03:29.34]Don't let it go
[03:33.54]Whatever, don't deny the fault you've done before and make it alright
[03:43.42]The dreams I owned were not forgotten
[03:47.86]Before tonight you know the story... Oh no we cannot hide
[04:02.51]If I belong
[04:05.79]If I could
[04:11.78]If I could allowed whatever
[04:16.54]If I believe
[04:20.10]If I could
[04:24.79]If I could choose when my mind will beside
[04:30.81]If I believe!
[04:34.14]So if I believe...
[04:40.86]And we could stay so strong forever
[04:46.06]I cooled my mind
[04:49.61]Choose together
[04:53.30]I color my mind to mean
[05:00.20]I color my mind to be and I feel fine...
[05:10.52]And I feel fine
[05:24.50]I Fight For The Life