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Lrc Foolish Games by Jewel

Foolish Games - Jewel LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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174275 - Foolish Games by Jewel [05:40.49] 11 months ago
by Guest
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[al:Pieces of You]
[ti:Foolish Games]
[au:Jewel Kilcher]
[00:17.03]You took your coat off
[00:22.07]Stood in the rain
[00:25.78]You're always crazy like that
[00:31.64]And I watched from my window
[00:36.95]Always felt I was outside...
[00:41.19]Looking in on you
[00:46.51]You're always the mysterious one with...
[00:50.75]Dark eyes and careless hair, you were...
[00:54.47]Fashionably sensitive, but too cool to care
[01:03.51]You stood in my doorway with nothing to say
[01:12.01]Besides some comment... on the weather
[01:18.39]In case you failed to notice
[01:21.31]In case you failed to see
[01:25.02]This is my heart...
[01:26.89]Bleeding before you, this is me down on my knees, these
[01:35.91]Foolish games are...
[01:40.69]Tearing me apart
[01:48.13]And your...
[01:51.33]Thoughtless words are breaking my heart
[02:02.21]You're breaking my heart
[02:20.27]You're always brilliant... in the morning
[02:25.59]Smoking your cigarettes
[02:30.09]And talking... over coffee
[02:34.89]Your philosophies on art
[02:37.54]Baroque moved you, you loved Mozart
[02:42.05]And you'd speak of your loved ones
[02:45.25]As I clumsily strummed my guitar
[02:50.83]You'd teach me of honest things
[02:54.27]Things that were daring, things that were clean
[02:58.52]Things that knew what an honest dollar did mean
[03:07.02]I hid my soiled hands...
[03:10.49]Behind my back
[03:13.66]Somewhere along the line, I must have gone
[03:18.71]Off track with you
[03:22.16]Excuse me...
[03:24.29]Think I've mistaken you for... somebody else
[03:29.07]Somebody who gave a damn
[03:33.59]Somebody more like myself! These...
[03:40.22]Foolish games are...
[03:45.00]Tearing me
[03:46.87]You're tearing me
[03:48.46]You're tearing me apart! And your...
[03:55.63]Thoughtless words are...
[04:00.15]Breaking my heart
[04:07.06]You're breaking my heart
[04:32.55]You took your coat off
[04:38.40]Stood in the rain
[04:42.65]You're always crazy like that