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Lrc I Don't Love You

I Don't Love You LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11436 - I Don't Love You [03:56.42] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ti:I Don't Love You]
[00:03.50]{00:05.86,C}( I n t r {00:11.48,Am}o )
[00:16.25]{00:17.11,G}( I n t r {00:22.77,F}o )
[00:25.00]{00:25.60,G} Well, when you g{00:28.44,C}o
[00:31.00]Don't ever think I'll make you {00:34.04,Am}try to stay
[00:37.39]And maybe when you get {00:39.71,G}back, I'll
[00:41.14]Be off to find another wa{00:45.38,C}y
[00:47.64]And after all this
[00:50.64]{00:51.02,C}Time that you still owe
[00:53.89]You're still the good-for-
[00:56.39]{00:56.68,Am}Nothing I don't know
[01:00.14]So take your gloves and ge{01:02.30,G}t out
[01:03.39]Better get out. While you ca{01:07.95,C}n
[01:12.64]{01:13.59,F}When you g{01:16.41,G}o
[01:17.39]{01:17.84,E/G#}Would you e{01:19.23,Am}ven tu{01:20.67,Em}rn to sa{01:22.04,Dm}y
[01:23.39]I don't love {01:24.90,F}you, like I di{01:27.71,G}d yesterd{01:30.54,C}ay
[01:33.53]Sometimes I cr{01:36.20,C}y so hard from pleading
[01:39.68]So sick and tired of {01:41.83,Am}all the needless beating
[01:45.31]But baby when they kno{01:47.50,G}ck you down and out
[01:50.31]It's where you oughta sta{01:53.16,C}y
[01:55.56]And after all the
[01:58.56]{01:58.78,C}Blood that you still owe
[02:01.56]Another dollar's {02:04.39,Am}just another blow
[02:07.69]So fix your eyes and get{02:10.06,G} up
[02:11.09]Better get up
[02:13.72]While you ca{02:15.74,C}n, whoa, whoa
[02:20.98]{02:21.37,F}When you g{02:24.18,G}o
[02:25.23]{02:25.62,E/G#}Would you e{02:27.02,Am}ven tu{02:28.43,Em}rn to sa{02:29.81,Dm}y
[02:31.23]I don't love {02:32.66,F}you, like I di{02:35.46,G}d yester{02:38.32,C}day
[02:40.37]Well come on, come on
[02:43.51]{02:43.94,Dm}( I n s t {02:46.81,G}r u m e {02:49.59,C}n t a l )
[02:50.65]{02:50.98,E/B}( I n s t {02:52.05,Am}r u m e n {02:55.23,Dm}t a l )
[02:57.40]{02:57.69,G}( I n s t {03:00.91,C}r u m e n t a l )
[03:05.65]{03:06.55,F}When you g{03:09.30,G}o
[03:10.40]{03:10.73,E/G#}Would you h{03:12.20,Am}ave the gu{03:13.60,Em}ts to sa{03:15.01,Dm}y
[03:16.40]I don't love {03:17.82,F}you
[03:18.90]Like I loved {03:20.67,G}you yester{03:23.46,C}day-{03:24.87,G/B}hey-{03:26.28,Am}hey
[03:27.40]{03:27.66,G} I don't love {03:29.10,F}you
[03:30.40]Like I {03:31.92,G}loved you
[03:38.55]{03:39.04,G} I don't {03:40.42,F}love you like
[03:42.29]I {03:43.26,G}loved you yesterd{03:46.26,C}ay