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Lrc I Want To Know What Love Is

I Want To Know What Love Is LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10899 - I Want To Know What Love Is [05:05.26] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:I Want To Know What Love Is]
[00:01.77]{00:02.70,Dm}( I n t r {00:05.00,C}o ) {00:05.73,F}
[00:08.27]{00:08.69,Bb}( I n t {00:10.20,Dm}r o )
[00:13.77]{00:16.06,Dm} I gotta take a li{00:18.23,C}ttle tim{00:19.03,F}e
[00:20.77]A little {00:21.95,Bb}time to think things {00:23.47,Dm}over
[00:27.77]{00:29.33,Dm} I better read bet{00:31.59,C}ween the lin{00:32.34,F}es
[00:34.02]In case I {00:35.28,Bb}need it when I'm ol{00:36.78,Dm}der
[00:40.77]{00:42.65,C}( I n t e r l u {00:45.59,Dm}d e )
[00:51.52]Now this mountain I{00:53.79,C} must clim{00:54.53,F}b
[00:56.27]Feels {00:57.43,Bb}like a world u{00:58.93,Dm}pon my shoulders
[01:02.16]Through the clouds I {01:04.12,C}see lov{01:04.81,F}e shine
[01:06.56]It keeps m{01:07.85,Bb}e warm as life {01:09.31,Dm}grows colder
[01:12.21]In my {01:13.77,Gm}life there's been {01:16.69,C/G}heartache and {01:17.80,Gm}pain
[01:19.11]I don't know if I can {01:22.53,C/G}face it{01:23.63,Gm} again
[01:25.49]Can't stop now, I've {01:28.42,C/G}traveled s{01:29.54,Gm}o far
[01:30.64]To {01:31.40,Bb}change {01:32.15,Am7}this
[01:32.54]{01:32.90,Gm}Lone{01:33.62,F}ly {01:33.95,Bb/C}life
[01:37.04]{01:37.30,F} I wanna know what {01:39.58,Dm}love i{01:40.35,C}s
[01:42.79]{01:43.32,Gm} I want you {01:45.62,Dm}to sho{01:46.34,C}w me
[01:48.79]{01:49.30,F} I wanna feel what {01:51.57,Dm}love i{01:52.29,C}s
[01:54.79]{01:55.27,Gm} I know you {01:57.49,Dm}can sho{01:58.25,C}w me
[02:03.29]{02:04.33,Dm}( I n t e r l u d e )
[02:09.54]{02:10.37,Dm} I'm gonna take a li{02:12.62,C}ttle tim{02:13.33,F}e
[02:15.29]A little {02:16.32,Bb}time to look aro{02:17.82,Dm}und me
[02:20.79]I've got nowher{02:22.98,C}e left to {02:23.77,F}hide
[02:25.79]It looks lik{02:26.74,Bb}e love has final{02:28.23,Dm}ly found me
[02:30.67]In my {02:32.66,Gm}life there's been {02:35.59,C/G}heartache and {02:36.66,Gm}pain
[02:37.92]I don't know if I can {02:41.42,C/G}face it{02:42.48,Gm} again
[02:44.17]I can't stop now, I've {02:47.26,C/G}traveled s{02:48.28,Gm}o far
[02:49.67]To {02:50.16,Bb}change {02:50.90,Am7}this
[02:51.32]{02:51.67,Gm} Lone{02:52.41,F}ly {02:52.76,Bb/C}life
[02:55.57]{02:56.05,F} I wanna know what {02:58.31,Dm}love i{02:59.04,C}s
[03:01.57]{03:01.98,Gm} I want you {03:04.22,Dm}to sho{03:04.94,C}w me
[03:07.32]{03:07.91,F} I wanna feel what {03:10.14,Dm}love i{03:10.88,C}s
[03:13.32]{03:13.88,Gm} I know you {03:16.08,Dm}can sho{03:16.83,C}w me
[03:19.32]{03:19.81,F} I wanna know what {03:22.00,Dm}love i{03:22.80,C}s
[03:25.32]{03:25.74,Gm} I want you {03:27.95,Dm}to sho{03:28.73,C}w me
[03:30.22]And I wanna fe{03:31.63,F}el, I want to feel
[03:33.22]What {03:33.89,Dm}love i{03:34.63,C}s, and I know
[03:37.36]{03:37.57,Gm} I know you {03:39.81,Dm}can sho{03:40.50,C}w me
[03:44.61]Let's talk abou{03:46.45,F}t love
[03:47.24]I wanna know what {03:48.63,Dm}love i{03:49.34,C}s
[03:50.13]The love that you feel i{03:52.31,Gm}nside, I want you
[03:54.27]{03:54.57,Dm}To show m{03:55.23,C}e, and I'm feeling so much {03:58.20,F}love
[03:59.02]I wanna feel what {04:00.44,Dm}love i{04:01.16,C}s, no
[04:02.91]You just ca{04:04.08,Gm}nnot hide, I know you
[04:06.16]{04:06.35,Dm}Can sho{04:07.08,C}w me, yeah
[04:12.30]{04:12.94,F} I wanna know what {04:15.15,Dm}love i{04:15.85,C}s
[04:17.44]Let's talk abou{04:18.82,Gm}t love, I want you
[04:20.93]{04:21.04,Dm}To sho{04:21.78,C}w me, I wanna {04:24.73,F}feel it too
[04:25.58]I wanna feel what {04:26.94,Dm}love is{04:27.69,C}, I want to feel it too
[04:29.72]And I kn{04:30.63,Gm}ow and I know
[04:31.60]I know you {04:32.81,Dm}can sho{04:33.56,C}w me
[04:35.24]Show me love is real, yeah
[04:39.74]{04:39.41,F} I wanna know what {04:41.65,Dm}love i{04:42.39,C}s, I wanna know
[04:45.49]{04:45.31,Gm} I want you {04:47.54,Dm}to sho{04:48.27,C}w me
[04:51.24]{04:51.15,F}( F a d e {04:53.41,Dm} O u t {04:54.18,C})