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Lrc Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Iron Man - Black Sabbath LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11352 - Iron Man by Black Sabbath [05:58.08] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Black Sabbath]
[ti:Iron Man]
[00:11.42]I am Iron Man!
[00:41.92]Has he lost his mind?
[00:45.17]Can he see or is he blind?
[00:48.42]Can he walk at all
[00:51.67]Or if he moves will he fall?
[01:01.17]Is he live or dead?
[01:04.42]Has he thoughts within his head?
[01:07.67]We'll just pass him there
[01:10.92]Why should we even care?
[01:45.42]He was turned to steel
[01:48.42]In the great magnetic field
[01:51.67]When he traveled time
[01:54.67]For the future of mankind
[01:59.42]Nobody wants him
[02:02.17]He just stares at the world
[02:11.42]Planning his vengeance
[02:14.42]That he will soon unfurl
[02:34.67]Now, the time is here
[02:37.67]For Iron Man to spread fear
[02:40.92]Vengeance from the grave
[02:43.92]Kills the people he once saved
[02:48.67]Nobody wants him
[02:51.67]They just turn their heads
[03:00.92]Nobody helps him
[03:03.67]Now, he has his revenge
[04:09.92]Heavy boots of lead
[04:12.92]Fills his victims full of dread
[04:15.92]Running as fast as they can
[04:19.17]Iron Man lives again!