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Lrc James-Arthur-Say-You-Wont-Let-Go

James-Arthur-Say-You-Wont-Let-Go LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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92373 - James-Arthur-Say-You-Wont-Let-Go [03:31.51] 2 weeks ago
by Guest
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[00:10.67]I met you in the dark
[00:12.99] you lit me up
[00:15.45]You made me feel as though
[00:18.47]I was enough
[00:20.92]We danced the night away
[00:23.23] we drank too much
[00:26.20]I held your hair back when
[00:28.45]You were throwing up
[00:30.93]Then you smiled over your shoulder
[00:33.69]For a minute
[00:34.00] I was stone-cold sober
[00:36.18]I pulled you closer
[00:37.50]to my chest
[00:40.92]And you asked me to stay over
[00:43.69]I said
[00:44.22]I already told ya
[00:45.93]I think
[00:46.72]that you should get some rest
[00:51.23]I knew I loved you then
[00:53.68]But you'd never know
[00:55.95]'Cause I played it cool when
[00:57.92] I was scared of letting go
[01:01.36]I know I needed you
[01:03.74]But I never showed
[01:06.17]But I wanna stay with you
[01:08.49]until we're grey and old
[01:10.71]Just say you won't let go
[01:15.69]Just say you won't let go
[01:21.46]I'll wake you up with some
[01:24.22]breakfast in bed
[01:26.74]I'll bring you coffee with
[01:29.18]a kiss on your head
[01:31.50]And I'll take the kids to school
[01:34.17]Wave them goodbye
[01:36.66]And I'll thank my lucky stars
[01:39.45] for that night
[01:42.20]When you looked
[01:43.20]over your shoulder
[01:44.26]For a minute
[01:44.94] I forget that I'm older
[01:46.67]I wanna
[01:47.67]dance with you right now
[01:50.42]Oh and you look
[01:52.73]as beautiful as ever
[01:54.50]And I swear
[01:54.92] that everyday'll get better
[01:56.94]You make me feel
[01:58.17]this way somehow
[02:01.91]I'm so in love with you
[02:04.17]And I hope you know
[02:06.94]Darling your love
[02:08.41] is more than worth
[02:09.68] its weight in gold
[02:11.96]We've come so far my dear
[02:14.45]Look how we've grown
[02:16.66]And I wanna stay withyou
[02:18.95]until we're grey and old
[02:21.48]Just say you won't let go
[02:26.44]Just say you won't let go
[02:32.22]I wanna live with you
[02:37.22]Even when we're ghosts
[02:37.95]'Cause you were always
[02:39.42]there for me when
[02:40.17] I needed you most
[02:41.71]I'm gonna love you till
[02:44.74]My lungs give out
[02:46.95]I promise till death
[02:48.67] we part like in our vows
[02:52.17]So I wrote
[02:53.42]this song for you
[02:55.18] now everybody knows
[02:57.95]it's just you and me
[02:59.52]till we're grey and old
[03:01.73]Just say you won't let go
[03:06.70]Just say you won't let go
[03:11.72]Just say you won't let go
[03:16.44]Oh, just say you won't let go