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Lrc Lucidious-Hope feat. Kelsey Colbert

Lucidious-Hope feat. Kelsey Colbert LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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70375 - Lucidious-Hope feat. Kelsey Colbert [04:24.80] 2 years ago
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[00:22.92]It's been a while now,
[00:23.91]feel like I been stuck inside of this moment
[00:26.42]The weight of the world on my shoulders
[00:27.66]is pulling me down, I been trying to hold it
[00:30.17]Everyone's dealing with issues,
[00:31.67]most of us don't got the courage to show it
[00:33.91]A lot on my mind, gotta expose it
[00:35.91]This is the path that I've chosen
[00:37.91]I gotta lotta bad days, so I write
[00:39.92]When I'm in a bad state of my life
[00:41.67]I been living at a fast pace
[00:42.91]I'm alright, but I really feel I lost faith
[00:46.17]This is the place that I turn
[00:47.66]when the world that I live in is darkest
[00:48.92]I got a message for all of the people
[00:51.41] who think that their life's become garbage
[00:53.41]Late at night when you can't decide
[00:54.66]if you wanna live or you wanna die
[00:56.66]Hard to sleep and you can barely breathe
[00:58.66]Feel the pain inside as it amplifies
[01:00.91]Bad things happen that we can't explain
[01:02.42]You can let go of the past but the scars remain
[01:04.42]You gotta lot of anger that you can't contain
[01:06.41]Now you need to find a way to let it go and change
[01:08.17]Star on fire, I'm trying
[01:14.16]To burn without collapsing
[01:18.17]Hanging in the balance
[01:20.41]Caught in the middle of silence
[01:23.91]Light me up, I'm searching
[01:29.66]Looking for one reason
[01:33.67]Trying to find the beacon
[01:35.66]To guide me home
[01:41.17]Now that's a word that I'm pretty new to
[01:43.91]Stuck in depression
[01:44.66]Now that's something that I'm pretty used to
[01:47.41]A lonely road, who knew that people
[01:49.66] would like me because of my YouTube
[01:51.41]But I'm grateful, that's what I feel
[01:53.41] every time that I see I got new views
[01:55.16]But I'm so confused
[01:56.42]What's the point of a view if I'm a slave to it
[01:58.66]This day in age is pretty dangerous
[02:00.42]Why is Facebook determining relationships
[02:02.66]Kids overdose in the basement with no clue
[02:05.16]what do when their parents split
[02:06.41]Started to slip they were losing their grip
[02:08.41] couldn't bare to repair their embarrassment
[02:10.16]When you feel like you been living in a dark maze
[02:12.16]Scream why when you looking up and stargaze
[02:14.16]You lose sight in the storm when it's all gray
[02:15.91]You can't fight
[02:16.67]You really wanna part ways
[02:17.92]But think twice
[02:18.92]For your life's a gift it's alright
[02:20.81]When you feel you can't find it
[02:22.32]just reach out a hand and somebody will show you the light
[02:26.07]Star on fire, I'm trying
[02:31.57]To burn without collapsing
[02:35.31]Hanging in the balance
[02:37.32]Caught in the middle of silence
[02:41.08]Light me up, I'm searching
[02:47.32]Looking for one reason
[02:51.06]Trying to find the beacon
[02:53.06]To guide me home
[03:12.81]It's been too long I been falling
[03:14.06]Lord knows that it's all been exhausting
[03:16.06]I feel that my soul is evolving
[03:18.31]I'm done with the pain I been causing
[03:20.31]I've waited for strength to resolve this
[03:22.32]I hear that my angels are calling
[03:24.07]In the rain of the storm, I'ma calm it
[03:25.81]I'll crawl if I have to I'm all in
[03:27.81]I've been waiting for so long
[03:32.82]Can't do this on my own
[03:36.57]I need to know there's more than this feeling
[03:45.32]Star on fire I'm trying
[03:51.57]Oh I'm burning, but I'm not collapsing
[04:00.06]Light me up, I'm searching
[04:07.32]For a reason, I found the beacon
[04:13.81]To guide me home