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Lrc Only You

Only You LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10343 - Only You [02:30.10] 4 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Only You]
[00:05.52]{00:07.79,G}( I n {00:09.03,D}t r o {00:10.23,Em}) {00:11.50,D}
[00:12.27]{00:12.66,C}( I n t {00:15.16,G}r o ) {00:16.33,D}
[00:17.27]{00:17.55,G}Looking from the {00:18.82,D}window abo{00:20.01,Em}ve
[00:20.41]It's like a {00:21.27,D}story of lov{00:22.47,C}e
[00:24.16]Can {00:24.91,G}you hear {00:26.13,D}me?
[00:27.16]{00:27.34,G}Came back only {00:28.61,D}yesterda{00:29.82,Em}y
[00:30.41]Movin' {00:31.00,D}further awa{00:32.25,C}y
[00:33.91]Want {00:34.69,G}you near {00:35.96,D}me
[00:36.91]{00:37.14,C} All I needed was the {00:39.64,D}love you gave
[00:41.91]{00:42.07,G} All I needed for a{00:44.59,C}nother day
[00:46.16]And {00:47.03,C}all I ever kn{00:49.43,D}ew
[00:50.81]On{00:51.89,G}ly you
[00:54.06]{00:54.34,C}( I n t {00:55.54,D}e r l u d e )
[00:56.31]{00:56.80,G}Sometimes when I {00:58.00,D}think of her na{00:59.28,Em}me
[00:59.69]When it's {01:00.45,D}only a gam{01:01.66,C}e
[01:03.19]And {01:04.16,G}I need y{01:05.35,D}ou
[01:06.44]{01:06.55,G}Listen to the {01:07.82,D}words that you sa{01:08.99,Em}y
[01:09.33]It's getting {01:10.21,D}harder to sta{01:11.45,C}y
[01:13.08]When {01:13.92,G}I need {01:15.15,D}you
[01:16.08]{01:16.36,C} All I needed was the {01:18.87,D}love you gave
[01:20.84]{01:21.27,G} All I needed for a{01:23.71,C}nother day
[01:25.34]And {01:26.19,C}all I ever kn{01:28.60,D}ew
[01:29.98]On{01:31.06,G}ly you
[01:32.98]{01:33.52,C}( I n t {01:34.72,D}e r l u {01:35.95,G}d e )
[01:38.12]{01:38.41,C}( I n t {01:39.63,D}e r l u d e )
[01:40.52]{01:40.86,G}This is gonna ta{01:42.15,D}ke a long tim{01:43.33,Em}e
[01:43.92]And I {01:44.51,D}wonder what's min{01:45.72,C}e
[01:47.42]Can'{01:48.21,G}t take no {01:49.38,D}more
[01:50.42]{01:50.66,G}Wonder if you'll {01:51.94,D}understan{01:53.14,Em}d
[01:53.56]It's just the {01:54.35,D}touch of your han{01:55.55,C}d
[01:57.06]Behin{01:58.05,G}d a closed do{01:59.26,D}or
[02:00.31]{02:00.42,C} All I needed was the {02:02.96,D}love you gave
[02:05.06]{02:05.35,G} All I needed for a{02:07.82,C}nother day
[02:09.56]And {02:10.27,C}all I ever kn{02:12.69,D}ew
[02:14.31]On{02:15.14,G}ly you
[02:17.31]{02:17.57,C}( O u {02:18.81,D}t r o ){02:20.06,G}