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Lrc Paranoid by Black Sabbath

Paranoid - Black Sabbath LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11356 - Paranoid by Black Sabbath [02:50.18] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Black Sabbath]
[00:14.41]Finished with my woman,
[00:16.16] 'cause she couldn't help me
[00:18.41]With my mind
[00:19.91]People think I'm insane because
[00:22.91]I am frownin'
[00:24.41]All the time
[00:38.07]All day long,
[00:38.82]I think of things,
[00:40.32]but nothin' seems
[00:41.57]To satisfy
[00:43.57]Think I'll lose my mind if
[00:45.57]I don't find something
[00:47.82]To pacify
[00:51.07]Can you help me
[00:54.07]Occupy my brain?
[00:57.57]Oh, yeah!
[01:13.07]I need someone to show me
[01:15.57]The things in life
[01:16.82]That I can't find
[01:19.07]I can't see the things
[01:20.57]That make true happiness
[01:23.07]I must be blind
[02:00.32]Make a joke an'
[02:01.32]I will sigh an'
[02:03.07]You will laugh
[02:04.07]An' I will cry
[02:06.07]Happiness, I cannot feel an'
[02:08.82]love, to me
[02:10.07]Is so unreal
[02:23.82]An' so, as you hear these
[02:25.71]Words tellin' you now
[02:28.10]Of my state
[02:29.60]I tell you to enjoy life,
[02:32.35] I wish I could
[02:33.60]But it's too late