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Lrc Ruth

Ruth LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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50377 - Ruth [03:41.72] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[00:02.46]i'm standing in your house again and everything looks so small
[00:04.12]everything is in its place like you never left at all
[00:05.51]the world's gone dim without you and i don't know what to do
[00:07.95]the only sacred part of me is everything from you
[00:09.27]patterns from the window
[00:10.63]paint in light a silhouette of you
[00:11.96]turn around, hear me now
[00:13.32]i'm dizzy in the centre of the room
[00:14.70]i'm dizzy in this moment without you
[00:16.12]it's got less to do with heaven and more to do with time
[00:17.52]i thought i heard you calling for me in the middle of the night
[00:18.88]if i could be a child again i'd run into your arms
[00:20.52]but i keep getting older and you're scattered in the stars
[00:21.92]every red light breaks my heart
[00:23.26]this road is ripping me apart
[00:24.88]i'm on the pavement bleeding myself dry
[00:26.22]you don't look the same to me
[00:27.60]an angel in my memory
[00:28.92]i'm sorry that my love grew old and blind
[00:30.31]i'm sorry that i couldn't say goodbye