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Lrc Singularity

Singularity LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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90650 - Singularity [03:32.14] 2 months ago
by Guest
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[00:10.86]A sound of something breaking
[00:17.39]I awake from sleep
[00:23.62]A sound full of unfamiliarity
[00:29.13]Try to cover my ears but can't go to sleep
[00:36.61]The pain in my throat gets worse
[00:42.86]Try to cover it
[00:48.85]I don't have a voice
[00:56.62]Today I hear that sound again
[01:03.11]It's ringing again, that sound
[01:09.61]A crack again on this frozen lake
[01:16.36]I dumped myself into the lake
[01:23.35]I buried my voice for you
[01:33.86]Over the winter lake I was thrown
[01:40.36]A thick ice has formed
[01:47.10]In the dream I shortly went into
[01:52.60]My agonizing phantom pain is still the same
[02:00.35]Have I lost myself
[02:06.86]Or have I gained you
[02:12.84]I suddenly run to the lake
[02:18.86]There's my face in it
[02:25.86]Please don't say anything
[02:32.61]Reach my hand out to cover the mouth
[02:39.39]But in the end, spring will come someday
[02:46.60]The ice will melt and flow away
[02:53.61]Tell me if my voice isn't real
[03:00.35]If I shouldn't have thrown myself away
[03:06.86]Tell me if even this pain isn't real
[03:14.09]What I was supposed to do back then