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Lrc The Ghost of Macon Jones by Joe Bonamassa

The Ghost of Macon Jones - Joe Bonamassa LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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81248 - The Ghost of Macon Jones by Joe Bonamassa [05:24.70] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Joe Bonamassa]
[ti:The Ghost of Macon Jones]
[00:42.96]Well the river keeps on rollin', time marches on
[00:49.34]The sun hides in the shadows, you know where you belong
[00:53.57]You walk in the silence readin' names on the stones
[01:02.26]You can roll with the tide, but you can't hide
[01:06.20]From the ghost of Macon Jones
[01:11.25]Well they always came to church, sat up in the back
[01:16.30]Drank the holy water, dapper dressed in black
[01:20.81]Away from the rich folk where they let down his bones
[01:28.97]Now they whisper at the sermons
[01:31.50]They can hear the ghost of Macon Jones
[01:37.96]From the time he was a child, it was easy to make friends
[01:43.02]Some swore they found, right up to the end
[01:47.23]When he jumped off that bridge they just watched and went back home
[01:55.65]They all cried to their mommas that they saw
[01:59.31]The ghost of Macon Jones
[02:04.36]In the nights, right along
[02:13.64]In your fight, just stay strong
[02:22.09]In the ill-fated wind, just go
[02:31.38]Yeah you need to unlearn, what you've been told
[03:46.17]No one knows what happened, 'cause the truth will often lie
[03:52.27]Widows swear he loved 'em, he was born to make them cry
[03:56.48]Sometimes a man believes he's destined to go at this life alone
[04:04.92]If you head down that cold river you'll feel
[04:08.58]The ghost of Macon Jones
[04:13.91]Some say that he died, with a smile on his face
[04:18.98]Others say he cried, he never found his place
[04:23.19]If you listen to your fears you might hear his restless moan
[04:31.63]When they start digging up your dirt
[04:33.89]You'll meet the ghost of Macon Jones
[04:40.61]If you see your reflection in the water
[04:44.26]That's the ghost of Macon Jones