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Lrc The Handler by Muse

The Handler - Muse LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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42767 - The Handler by Muse [04:35.12] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:The Handler]
[00:22.20]You (you, you)
[00:24.93]Were my oppressor
[00:29.18]And I (I, I)
[00:32.19]I have been programmed to obey

[00:36.95]And now (now, now)
[00:39.70]You are my handler
[00:43.97]And I (I, I)
[00:46.98]I will execute your demands

[00:51.22]Leave me alone
[00:57.93]I must disassociate from you

[01:22.94]Behold (hold, hold)
[01:24.92]My trance formation
[01:27.93]And you (you, you)
[01:31.18]Are empowered to do as you please

[01:35.44]My mind (mind, mind)
[01:38.47]Was lost in translation
[01:42.48]And my heart (heart, heart)
[01:45.35]Has become a cold and impassive machine

[01:51.73]Leave me alone
[01:57.23]I must disassociate from you

[03:20.18]I won't let you control my feelings anymore
[03:28.68]And I will no longer do as I am told
[03:36.19]And I am no longer afraid to walk alone
[03:43.18]Let me go
[03:47.06]Let me be
[03:50.95]I'm escaping from your grip
[03:58.71]You will never own me again