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Lrc Track04

Track04 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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31091 - Track04 [02:05.63] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[00:00.17]page 36, CD 2-4
[00:02.92]Listening 3
[00:07.47]A: Do these magazines go on the bookshelf?
[00:10.16]B: Yes Put them on the bookshelf, please. On the top is fine.
[00:14.82]A: Should I put them beside the dictionary?
[00:16.91]B: Yes, next to the dictionary will be fine.
[00:20.05]A: I’d like to read these magazines later. They look interesting.
[00:25.82]A: What about the remote control for the TV?
[00:28.66]B: Put it beside the TV.
[00:31.30]A: There's magazine there, the TV program guide. Should I put it on top of the magazine?
[00:36.41]B: That's fine. And remind me to get a new battery for the remote when we go downtown.
[00:42.16]A: Okay.
[00:45.67]A: These look like your car keys. Where do you usually keep them?
[00:49.66]B: They're my extra apartment keys, actually. Just put them in one of the drawers in the desk.
[00:55.67]A: The top two drawers are already full of stuff, so I'll put them in the bottom drawer for you. They'll be inside an emory box.
[01:02.55]B: Okay.
[01:06.66]A: Do you want me to put this baseball cap away?
[01:09.67]B: Yeah. Just put it behind the door.
[01:12.16]A: Where? Should I hang it on the doorknob?
[01:15.41]B: No, on the hook behind the door. It will be in fine there, thanks.
[01:19.66]A: I didn't know you wore a baseball cap.
[01:22.16]B: It's not mine, It's my brother's.
[01:27.42]A: Do you need these glasses?
[01:29.57]B: Not right now. I only use them for reading. Do you see the case they go in?
[01:34.97]A: I don't see it.
[01:36.42]B: Oh, never mind. Leave them on the coffee table, next to those sheets of paper.
[01:41.32]A: Okay.
[01:44.92]A: There's a belt lying on the floor here.
[01:47.92]B: Oh yes, that's my brother's. He leaves his clothes everywhere. It drives me crazy!
[01:53.91]A: Should I put it somewhere?
[01:56.06]B: Leave it on the chair. He always sits there.
[01:58.92]A: Okay. The chair next to the window?
[02:01.91]B: That's right.