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Lrc Watashi no R

Watashi no R LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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70276 - Watashi no R [03:30.86] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Watashi no R]
[00:00.80]When I was just about to take off my shoes on the rooftop,
[00:02.95]I found someone already there before me a girl with braided hair.
[00:05.23]Despite myself,
[00:07.45]I called out to her:
[00:09.70]“Hey, don’t do it.”
[00:21.24]The words just kind of slipped from my mouth.
[00:23.38]It didn’t really matter to me either way.
[00:25.63]It just didn’t sit right with me
[00:27.87]that someone got there ahead of me.
[00:30.12]The girl with braided hair told me her story—
[00:32.37]the kind of story one probably has heard before.
[00:34.60]“I thought we were meant for each other.
[00:36.88]I just really wanted him to like me back.”
[00:39.13]Are you kidding me?!
[00:41.13]The nerve you have to get here
[00:43.62]before me for such a lame reason!
[00:48.34]You’re upset because you can’t have what you want?
[00:52.87]You’re lucky enough that you’ve never had anything stolen from you!
[00:57.60]“I feel better now that I’ve talked about it,”
[00:59.83]the girl with braided hair said, and disappeared.
[01:06.58]“All right, I’m gonna do it today,” I thought,
[01:08.84]but just when I was about to take off my shoes,
[01:11.34]I found a short girl there,
[01:13.61]and I ended up calling out to her again.
[01:15.58]The short girl told me,
[01:18.11]about how lonely she feels in her class.
[01:20.35]“Everyone ignores me. Everything’s stolen from me.
[01:22.59]I don’t belong anywhere,” she said.
[01:24.85]Are you kidding me?!
[01:26.46]The nerve you have to get here
[01:29.37]before me for such a tame reason!
[01:34.01]Despite all that,
[01:36.09]you’re still loved at home,
[01:38.27]and there’s always dinner waiting for you, right?
[01:42.98]“I’m hungry,”
[01:45.28]the short girl cried, and disappeared.
[01:48.50]Just like that, I spoke to a few of them
[01:51.99]and talked them out of it,
[01:56.74]while I myself can’t share my pains with anyone.
[02:15.23]For the first time, I’ve found
[02:17.40]a girl who has the same kind of problems as me.
[02:19.62]I met this girl wearing a yellow cardigan
[02:21.88]after I’ve seen a few of them.
[02:24.13]“I came here, hoping to erase
[02:26.61]the bruises that keep increasing
[02:31.06]every time I come home,” she said.
[02:33.26]The words just kind of slipped from my mouth.
[02:35.66]It didn’t really matter to me either way.
[02:37.93]But I ended up saying to her
[02:40.20]something even I myself didn’t quite believe in:
[02:42.41]“Hey, just don’t do it.”
[02:46.80]Aah, what should I do?
[02:48.82]I can’t stop this girl.
[02:51.55]I don’t have the right to stop her.
[02:56.05]But even so, just go away from here.
[03:00.60]It’s too painful for me to look at you.
[03:05.32]“I won’t do it today, then,”
[03:07.49]she said as she dropped her gaze, and disappeared.
[03:12.22]There’s no one here today.
[03:14.52]It’s just me, myself and I.
[03:16.99]No one can get in my way.
[03:18.99]No one would get in my way for me.
[03:21.47]Taking off my cardigan,
[03:23.73]unbraiding my hair,
[03:25.96]this short girl
[03:28.23]is going to jump now.