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Lrc WayV - Miracle

WayV - Miracle LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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171275 - WayV - Miracle [03:10.38] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[Intro: Yangyang]
[00:01.91]Hey, okay
[00:06.16]Bring it closer, come closer
[Chorus: Ten, Kun, Xiaojun]
[00:09.62]I believe in miracles
[00:12.80]Energy like that
[00:14.39]Something more than physical
[00:17.58]So gimme that
[00:18.91]We can just grow that, grow that
[00:21.30]We ain't gotta hold back, hold back, girl
[00:24.49]I believe in miracles
[Verse 1: Yangyang, Hendery, Kun]
[00:28.73]It's a dream but everybody call it life (Call it life)
[00:31.12]Love to watch all the stars when they align (Yeah, that's right)
[00:33.52]Come alive, I don't ever take a night off
[00:36.17]I can see it even when I shut my eyes, okay now
[00:38.83]Blinded to the revelation (I see you)
[00:41.25]Universal conversations (I need you)
[00:43.64]This revolution, it's so divine (Hoo)
[00:45.77]Feel a shift in the body, in the soul and the mind, yeah
[00:48.71]I don't believe in time, tell 'em the reason why
[00:51.10]Resonance and empathy, infinite in design
[00:53.49]Empathizing with people
[00:54.82]Don't care what difference, we equal
[00:56.15]We come together when the record hit the needle, oh, yah-yah
[Pre-Chorus: Kun, Yangyang, Ten]
[00:58.45]No, it ain't hard, we don't gotta fight back (Fight back)
[01:00.85]Listen to the stars, yeah
[01:01.90]We on the right track
[01:03.23]Going all night, all night (Let's go)
[01:05.62]You know that we onto something (Hey, hey)
[Chorus: Xiaojun, Hendery, Yangyang, All]
[01:08.02]I believe in miracles (Ayy, ayy)
[01:11.20]Energy like that (Yeah)
[01:13.06]Something more than physical (I wanna feel that)
[01:16.51]So gimme that
[01:17.32]We can just grow that, grow that (Grow that)
[01:19.70]We ain't gotta hold back, hold back (Hold back), girl
[01:22.89]I believe in miracles
[Post-Chorus: Xiaojun, All, Hendery]
[01:26.35]You got me sayin'
[01:27.67]"Oh, oh" (That's right)
[01:29.93]"Oh, oh, oh" (You got me saying, "Give me that")
[01:32.85]"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh"
[Verse 2: Yangyang, Ten, Hendery]
[01:36.83]I said, "Liberate your conscious" (Yeah)
[01:38.43]The world shifting lately
[01:39.75]Feel it in the KOSMO
[01:41.36]All that love and maybe
[01:42.43]Transcend the ego, look, we got it all
[01:44.29]No stress when we breathe in, I-I-I-I
[01:47.74]Re-awake the feeling, it's true
[01:49.33]Human nature innovator if you feeling it too
[01:51.19]Really, I just wanna reach, tryna feel alive
[01:53.31]All the love and the peace that I feel tonight
[01:55.72]Yeah, that's right
[Pre-Chorus: Ten, Kun, Xiaojun]
[01:57.30]Turn out the lights and glow
[01:59.69]Out in the wild alone
[02:02.08]Can't be by yourself
[02:03.94]Let's connect and fly
[02:06.33]Dreams can take you far
[02:09.25]Find out who you really are
[02:11.11]I'm in the orbit, let it take me
[02:13.77]And it's more than physical
[Chorus: Kun, Xiaojun, Hendery, All, *Yangyang*]
[02:16.77]I believe in miracles (Baby, I believe in miracles)
[02:20.22]Energy like that
[02:21.55]Something more than physical
[02:25.01]So gimme that
[02:26.06]We can just grow that, grow that (Grow that)
[02:28.51]We ain't gotta hold back (We ain't gotta hold back, baby), hold back, girl
[02:31.40]I believe in miracles (*Ayy, ayy*)
[Post-Chorus: Xiaojun, All, Hendery, Kun]
[02:34.85]Girl, you got me sayin'
[02:36.70]"Oh, oh" (Don't stop; oh)
[02:38.56]"Oh, oh, oh" (Girl, you got me saying; ayy, ayy)
[02:41.23]"Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh" (Give me that)
[Outro: Ten, Hendery, Xiaojun, Yangyang, *Kun*]
[02:46.05](Oh, na-na) We don't like long distance
[02:49.50]Something been missing
[02:51.36](Oh, na-na) If you're near or you're far
[02:54.55]It don't matter where you are, now I'm there (Oh, near)
[02:56.67](*Oh, na-na*) Yeah, I found the truth, I think you found it too
[03:00.12]Yeah, we found
[03:01.72](Oh, na-na) Baby, I believe in miracles