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Lrc Why Georgia

Why Georgia LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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10365 - Why Georgia [04:29.64] 3 years ago
by Guest
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[ti:Why Georgia]
[00:00.74]{00:02.42,G}( I n t {00:03.79,Dadd4}r o )
[00:04.75]{00:04.97,G}( I n t {00:06.24,Dadd4}r o )
[00:07.24]{00:07.45,G}( I n t {00:08.72,Dadd4}r o )
[00:09.75]{00:09.96,G}( I n t {00:11.18,Dadd4}r o )
[00:12.25]{00:12.41,G} I am {00:13.65,Dadd4}driving u{00:14.84,G}p 8{00:16.12,Dadd4}5 in the
[00:17.25]{00:17.34,G} Kind of {00:18.62,Dadd4}morning that{00:19.81,G} lasts all
[00:24.90]I'm just stuck inside the gl{00:27.26,G}oom {00:28.56,Dadd4} {00:29.76,G} {00:30.96,Dadd4}
[00:32.15]{00:32.21,G} 4 more {00:33.45,Dadd4}exits to{00:34.68,G} my a{00:35.94,Dadd4}partment but
[00:36.90]{00:37.16,G} I am {00:38.40,Dadd4}tempted to{00:39.67,G} keep the
[00:40.65]{00:40.90,Dadd4}Car in dr{00:42.12,Cadd9}ive
[00:44.65]And leave it all be{00:47.08,G}hind{00:48.29,Dadd4} {00:49.52,G} {00:50.80,Dadd4}
[00:51.29]'Cause {00:52.03,Em}I won{00:54.50,D/F#}der sometim{00:56.99,G}es
[00:58.29]About the ou{00:59.49,Cadd9}tcome
[01:00.79]Of a s{01:01.96,Em}till ve{01:04.41,D/F#}rdictless li{01:06.91,G}fe {01:07.83,Am7}
[01:08.54]Am I {01:09.41,D}living it r{01:10.65,A}ight{01:11.56,G}?
[01:13.29]Am I {01:14.35,D}living it r{01:15.59,A}ight{01:16.81,Em}?
[01:18.29]Am I {01:19.30,D}living it r{01:20.57,A}ight{01:21.78,G}?
[01:23.29]W{01:24.25,Fmaj7}hy, why Ge{01:27.96,Cadd9}orgia, w{01:29.18,G}hy? {01:30.45,Dadd4}
[01:31.54]{01:31.62,G}( I n t {01:32.89,Dadd4}e r l u d e )
[01:33.79]{01:34.17,G}( I n t {01:35.36,Dadd4}e r l u d e )
[01:36.29]{01:36.60,G}( I n t {01:37.86,Dadd4}e r l u d e )
[01:38.79]{01:39.06,G} I rent a {01:40.30,Dadd4}room and I{01:41.53,G} fill the {01:42.78,Dadd4}spaces with
[01:43.79]{01:44.03,G} Wood in {01:45.29,Dadd4}places to{01:46.51,G} make it
[01:47.43]{01:47.74,Dadd4}Feel like h{01:48.99,Cadd9}ome
[01:51.44]But all I feel's al{01:53.95,G}one {01:55.21,Dadd4}
[01:56.19]{01:56.44,G} It might be a {01:57.67,Dadd4}quarter life cr{01:58.89,Cadd9}isis
[02:01.19]Or just the stirring in my{02:03.85,G} soul{02:05.10,Dadd4} {02:06.32,G}
[02:07.34]{02:07.56,Dadd4}Either way {02:08.81,Em}I won{02:11.28,D/F#}der sometim{02:13.75,G}es
[02:14.99]About the ou{02:16.18,Cadd9}tcome
[02:17.49]Of a s{02:18.67,Em}till v{02:21.17,D/F#}erdictless lif{02:23.65,G}e {02:24.61,Am7}
[02:25.49]Am I {02:26.15,D}living it r{02:27.41,A}ight{02:28.31,G}?
[02:30.24]Am I {02:31.10,D}living it r{02:32.31,A}ight{02:33.57,Em}?
[02:35.24]Am I {02:36.05,D}living it r{02:37.25,A}ight{02:38.50,G}?
[02:39.99]W{02:40.97,Fmaj7}hy, why Ge{02:44.71,Cadd9}orgia, wh{02:45.90,G}y?
[02:50.24]{02:50.85,F} So what{02:52.12,Bb}, so I'v{02:53.39,C}e got a sm{02:54.60,Bb}ile on
[02:55.49]{02:55.85,F} But it's hi{02:57.12,Bb}ding
[02:57.63]The qu{02:58.29,C}iet superst{02:59.53,Bb}itions in my h{03:00.76,G}ead
[03:01.38]Don't be{03:02.01,Cadd9}lieve m{03:03.26,D}e {03:04.51,Cadd9}
[03:05.53]{03:05.73,G} Don't be{03:06.99,Cadd9}lieve m{03:08.22,D}e {03:09.46,Cadd9}
[03:09.93]When I {03:10.68,Em}say I{03:11.60,D}'ve {03:12.85,Cm7}got i{03:14.06,F}t down
[03:15.42]{03:15.65,G}( I n t {03:16.92,Dadd4}e r l u d e )
[03:17.81]{03:18.16,G}( I n t {03:19.35,Dadd4}e r l u d e )
[03:20.31]{03:20.60,G}( I n t {03:21.84,Dadd4}e r l u d e )
[03:22.81]{03:23.07,G}( I n t {03:24.29,Dadd4}e r l u d e )
[03:25.21]{03:25.53,G} Every{03:26.78,Dadd4}body is{03:28.01,G} just a {03:29.25,Dadd4}stranger but
[03:30.35]{03:30.50,G} That's the {03:31.72,Dadd4}danger in{03:32.95,G} going
[03:33.99]{03:34.21,Dadd4}My own w{03:35.47,Cadd9}ay
[03:37.63]I guess it's the price I have to p{03:40.36,G}ay {03:41.67,Dadd4} {03:42.86,G}
[03:43.77]{03:44.11,Dadd4} Still "{03:45.38,Em}everything ha{03:47.83,D/F#}ppens for a r{03:50.29,G}eason"
[03:50.92]Is no r{03:52.78,Am7}eason not to ask myself
[03:56.42]If I am {03:57.71,D}living it r{03:59.02,A}ight{03:59.91,G}?
[04:01.81]Am I {04:02.70,D}living it r{04:03.92,A}ight{04:05.18,Em}?
[04:06.81]Am I {04:07.62,D}living it r{04:08.85,A}ight{04:10.11,G}?
[04:11.56]W{04:12.57,Fmaj7}hy, tell me why,
[04:16.81]W{04:17.53,Fmaj7}hy, why Ge{04:21.29,Cadd9}orgia, wh{04:22.50,G}y?