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Lrc Wild horses by Snow patrol

Wild horses - Snow patrol LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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11422 - Wild horses by Snow patrol [04:38.13] 1 year ago
by Guest
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[ar:Snow patrol]
[ti:Wild horses]
[00:12.18]You wanted it too late
[00:14.18]You wanted it too late now
[00:19.43]I can't keep track of all your tears
[00:23.19]Been crying rivers way too long
[00:30.45]And, oooh, I'm tired of loneliness
[00:33.20]But I'm way more tired of wasted time
[00:39.47]So still, you barely look alive
[00:42.97]These shocks will do you so much good
[00:49.98]Just keep your wits about you, don't let it end you
[00:55.48]And summon everything you've held up in reserve
[01:00.24]Don't fall for every single stolen glance and wink
[01:04.99]Try to keep your heart on higher shelves for once
[01:13.75]What are you holding back?
[01:17.00]I know you've wild horses, enough inside of you
[01:22.01](Stop holding back)
[01:23.26]Now's not the time to learn
[01:26.01]Serenity, it's gone to red from blue
[01:32.01](Stop holding back)
[01:35.02]I think you want this love
[01:36.28]And I know you don't want time without it
[01:40.28](Stop holding back)
[01:43.30]I know I don't know much
[01:46.31]But I do know when to rage
[01:52.07](Stop holding back)
[01:58.07]Ooh, you wanted it to work
[02:02.09]You wanted it to work so much
[02:04.84]But it's been broken in your hands
[02:11.86]The minute that it found your hands
[02:18.86]Ooh, you're trying not to blink
[02:21.37]For once you wanna see what is
[02:28.61]Ooh, it hasn't finished you
[02:32.37]It's only that it feels that way