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Lrc Worst Comes to Worst by Dilated Peoples

Worst Comes to Worst - Dilated Peoples LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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71285 - Worst Comes to Worst by Dilated Peoples [03:36.01] 2 years ago
by Guest
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[ar:Dilated Peoples]
[al:Expansion Team]
[ti:Worst Comes to Worst]
[au:Dilated Peoples]
[00:05.77]Worst come to worst my peoples come first
[00:19.25]Some people got good friends
[00:22.02]At night I live my life right
[00:23.25]Intense, on the edge
[00:25.77]On the wild
[00:27.02]I'm from the group where friction leads to fire
[00:29.01]Stack your bricks, the time is take your pick
[00:31.00]Do or don't, the track Alchemist
[00:34.00]My life is good, I got my peeps in the mix, so
[00:36.27]Worst come to worst my people come first
[00:38.77]I got worldwide family all over the Earth
[00:41.02]And I worry bout em all for whatever it's worth
[00:43.77]From the birth to the hearse, the streets, the guns burst
[00:46.52]Words I disperse are here to free minds
[00:49.26]And if mine are needy I need to feed mine
[00:51.75]When worst come to worst
[00:53.27]Set up shop and write a verse
[00:54.50]Actually that's best come to best
[00:57.00]My lyrics take care of me, they therapy
[00:59.02]Get shit off my chest
[01:00.25]Extra stress, three-four over the score
[01:02.27]Different patterns of rhymin prepare me for war
[01:04.76]So next time you see us we'll be deadly on tour
[01:07.50]Word up, if worst comes to worst, I make whole crews disperse
[01:13.77]You know it's family first
[01:15.25]Gifted Unlimited with Dilated Peoples
[01:17.63]Babu, Evidence, Iriscience
[01:20.36]And a shout out to my man Alchemist on the trizzack
[01:25.23]I'm a glutton for the truth, even though truth hurts
[01:27.96]I've studied with my peoples on streets and in church
[01:30.71]We make it hard when we go on first
[01:33.47]Long road, honor of the samurai code
[01:35.98]These California streets ain't paved with gold
[01:38.48]Worst comes to worst
[01:39.98]I got them back, at the end of the day
[01:43.72]We could go our seperate ways but the songs remains
[01:46.47]It won't change
[01:47.46]Got my target locked at range
[01:48.98]I might switch gears but first I switch lanes
[01:51.96]Without my people I got nothing to gain, that's why
[01:54.73]Special victims unit, catalyst for movement
[01:59.72]Creates to devastate, since '84 show improvement
[02:02.47]Definitely Dilated Peoples comes first
[02:04.70]Cross-training spar, we raise the bar
[02:07.48]And we put it in your ear no matter who you are
[02:09.99]Worst come to worst my peoples come first