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Lrc aurora_soft_universe_mp3_30725

aurora_soft_universe_mp3_30725 LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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100480 - aurora_soft_universe_mp3_30725 [04:01.14] 9 months ago
by Guest
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[00:09.69]There's ice in my water
[00:13.94]And when I drink, it cuts my tongue
[00:18.69]There's glass on the playground
[00:23.19]It cuts my skin when I run
[00:27.18]And from the dark, into the light
[00:29.70]I saw a star burst into life
[00:32.19]And in the corner of your eye
[00:34.44]I saw a dream that never died
[00:38.63]Speak to me, speak to me
[00:43.20]With love in your words
[00:47.93]Make for me, make for me
[00:52.38]A soft universe
[00:56.14] -
[01:18.63]My body falls off the side of her bed
[01:23.63]And now I know what love feels like
[01:28.38]Don't let me turn into pain
[01:32.88]All of this is loveliness
[01:37.38]Chaos came, we laid our head
[01:38.88]Down on the feather cotton bed
[01:41.38]You find a heart and catch your breath
[01:44.13]Let the universe go red
[01:48.00]Speak to me, speak to me
[01:52.59]With love in your words
[01:57.09]Make for me, make for me
[02:01.59]A soft universe
[02:05.34] -
[03:00.84]Speak to me, speak to me
[03:06.59]With, with
[03:11.09]Make for me, make for me
[03:15.84]A soft universe
[03:19.59]Soft universe