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Lrc dax-dear-santa-ft-the-grinch-official-music-video

dax-dear-santa-ft-the-grinch-official-music-video LRC Lyrics - Donwload, Copy or Adapt easily to your Music

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100910 - dax-dear-santa-ft-the-grinch-official-music-video [03:38.64] 9 months ago
by Guest
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[01:05.65]Ayeee Santa Dax again
[01:08.39]I hope your not ignoring my calls
[01:10.65]I’m sorry about what happen last year I’m just really passionate about Christmas
[01:14.39]And you were being a grinch
[01:15.65]And you know it
[01:17.14]Or else
[01:19.65]Aye Santa last year you did a good job but this year we need to pick this shit up last year I said Cadillac color matte black but this year I think I really want a Bentley truck
[01:26.64]I don’t want to hear excuses last year you played me for a fool this year get yo fat ass up
[01:32.14]I don’t mean to be a nusense Santa but after last year
[01:33.14]I don’t give a fuck
[01:34.90]I need two phones like I’m Kevin gates
[01:36.14]I’m trynna get bood up like I’m Ella mai
[01:38.14]Last year I got a lele pons follow back but this year I’m trynna take lele on a god damn date
[01:42.14]I want two homes, wit two gnomes, in two states, two thrones, grey poupon on two steaks
[01:46.15]A crib wit a gate
[01:48.39]And some fish in a pond wit hot a tub beside of a lake
[01:49.89]I need tube socks
[01:51.39]A feature from Tupac
[01:52.89]A new season of boondocks
[01:54.39]Some more ice cuz I’m to hot
[01:56.14]And this year throw in a flesh light and ajuke box
[01:57.64]I need closure
[01:58.64]I need more exposure
[02:00.15]A new diet preferably kosher
[02:01.64]Get me a virgin who’s never even kissed a man so I can show her
[02:05.14]A billboard hit
[02:06.15]balmain fit
[02:07.15]iced out watch
[02:08.15]Exclusive kicks
[02:09.15]And some whos only only job is to wipe my ass every time I shit
[02:14.15]I know you see me don’t try to play just like you Stevie and have me wondering and looking so needy I’m not that greedy just let me get a couple more things and 60 inch tv
[02:20.40]A personal chef to help me cook
[02:22.40]And someone to read for me when I open up a book
[02:24.39]and let me get some booty
[02:26.90]Just like captain hook
[02:28.65]Dear Dax uhhh it not looking good this year son
[02:32.90]Ms clause is sick
[02:35.65]Rudolph is in the hospital
[02:37.65]The Popeyes chicken sandwich ran out
[02:40.40]I’m black
[02:42.40]Uhh let me connect you with a friend
[02:43.90]Again Santa, two in years in row
[02:45.40]Now I know what you mean when you always say hoe
[02:47.15]Ima huff puff come and blow down yo door
[02:49.15]Treat you just like a grudge I eint letting you
[02:50.65]Ima show you the meaning of pole
[02:52.65]Do do do and put yo head right in a scope
[02:54.65]Put a Red dot pon ya head top
[02:56.39]Have you looking like a real red nose
[03:04.64]Twas the night before Christmas
[03:04.89]And all through the house
[03:05.65]Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse
[03:07.65]It was Dax and the grinch
[03:09.64]Because Santa’s bitch
[03:11.89]So we gon break this shit down
[03:13.64]And we gon do it like this